: Carpe Diem. Terra Firma. Good wholesome fun.

10-13-08, 11:32 AM
Seems like every time something very very bad happens in my life, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane puts it all back in perspective. This is the second time I've done it, and the second time I've loved it. The actual jump, fall and landing wasn't the best part. The best part was bringing good friends with and tossing them out in front of me.



Damnitt. I can't get the pictures to upload. It tells me a security token is missing.

10-13-08, 11:44 AM
Just refresh and try the upload again.

10-13-08, 12:16 PM
Tried it a couple of times...yesterday and today. Same answer every time. Emailed "administrator" like it told me to do yesterday but no answer yet.

10-15-08, 03:43 PM
Pictures or it didnt happen :) :stirpot:

10-15-08, 05:17 PM
Ha. Good call. Forgot to try and add them again...hopefully it works this time...

__________and again with the failure to load. Now its just saying file upload failed. WTF, over?