: 2009 V at V-Day II

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
10-13-08, 09:19 AM
after a summer of calling and emailing Cadillac has finally found an available 09 V to bring to Summit Point on the 20th. I DONT KNOW WHAT IT WILL BE ABLE TO DO. Cadillac does NOT know if it will be available for rides or if it will even be able to go out on the track at all. all of that will probably not be known untill Monday morning. I would like to see everyone come out and check out the 09 in person. even if you are not the least interested in tracking your car, come out and see the 09!! the more support Cadillac see's the more they are going to want to be involved in future V-Days. if I get any more info through the week I will post.