: Transmission Starter Block

10-12-08, 05:18 PM
From reading the FSm it seems the 1976 Fleetwood has a mechanism that prevents engine starting while the car is in gear is a mechanical block,what I'm trying to do is use a transmission relay with an alarm to essentially trick the car into thinking its in gear when the alarm is armed. I have an alarm rigged up this way on a early 1990s corona and even if you hotwire it or use the key it won't start if alarm is set as the car thinks its in gear. This is an extra obstacle for a thief wanting to steal it abd they would have to know such a set up is used and waht to look for if they pop the hood.(and even if they disconnected the relay the switching done by the rleay when alarm is set wouild still be in place) Since the Caddy uses a mechanical block instead am i stuffed in terms of wanting to have the same set up or is there some other way I can trick the car into thinking its in gear if the alarm is set?