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10-12-08, 02:06 PM
I have had a wide variety of cars in my lifetime so deciding which one was my favorite is really rather hard. But after much thought I have to say the best all round car and my very favorite was my Alfa Romeo 1992 164S. That car was by far the best "city" car I have driven and also the best "freeway flyer." It also, over the ten years and 86,000 miles, turned out to be the most reliable (yeah, you heard that right!) with the fewest quality issues. Second place would have to go to my '95 Seville STS, at least in the driving enjoyment catagory, but couldn't hold a candle to the Alfa when it came to overall quality and reliability. My '76 Seville was a great car in its' day holding up very well over my nine year ownership.

10-12-08, 02:17 PM
Mine is a 1964 chevy. S.S., besides the car its self,lots of good memories
of good times in my life.

10-12-08, 02:23 PM
I saw one of those early '90s Alfa Spyders last week, definitely neat to see one, and sooooooo rare! I can vaguely remember seeing the new Alfa Romeos at the Minneapolis auto show back in the early '90s.

My favorite car, of the three I've owned, is the S320. The Roadmaster and Sedan deVille each had things that I miss, and things the Benz doesn't, (mainly the power and acceleration) but that S Class is...how shall we say it...."the shit". :cloud9: :yup:

10-12-08, 02:40 PM
I've had two so far, a '93 K5 Blazer and my Seville. The Seville is the obvious winner, but damn I miss that Blazer. It was a good choice to sell it though because it was falling apart.

10-12-08, 02:43 PM
I built a 1966 Corvair Corsa with a 425HP 396 big block V8 with aluminum heads in the back seat that was my favorite daily driver.

10-12-08, 02:54 PM
My WS6.

10-12-08, 02:55 PM
Hard to pick from so many. Very hard !

For Sports type car, has to be my 1986 Mercury Capri ascMcLaren Bubbleback.
1 of 114 made for 1986, 1 of just 9 with automatic tranny and ordered with EVERY option.


For Luxury we have a tie. My present 1993 Cadillac Sixty Special, "One-Off" -
the only unit made with Dark Amethyst Plum Metallic paint (1 of 59) and coupled with white leather interior, AND every available option.


Tie Car: My former 1975 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe in "Back-on Black" with Cranberry Red Velvet / Velour interior. No pics.

It looked 100% exactly like this car, IDENTICAL right down to the rims and as perfect as this car, too. Sold at age 10 with 7,400 miles on her. Power Sun Roof, & Road Wheel, too. But all Black. The interior was the color of this car's exterior.


10-12-08, 03:12 PM
Between my Camry and Seville, well I'm sure you know who the winner is. However, I do miss the gas mileage of the 'yota, along with the build quality. My STS sure can't hold a candle to it in that department.

10-12-08, 04:03 PM
Betty is definitely my all-time favorite. I've had her almost 10 years and will never sell her. When I bought her, I got part of my history back; she sounds just like the '64 Impala I grew up with and learned to drive in. The bonus is besides being a beautiful and significant classic car, she's also a pleasure to drive. A lot of old cars are more fun to look at than they are to drive, but Betty is both.


My favorite daily driver was Pugsley, my '99 Honda Accord coupe that I had from October 1998 to June 2005. Even though it was the 4-cylinder, it could fly, and I loved the sharp, confident handling. And it was flawlessly reliable. I'd still be driving it today were it not for the financial meltdown with my ex-wife and subsequent divorce. My college-age niece has it now.


A close second is Cruella. There's just something about this car that I love. She has boatloads of character. I've counted 17 wreath-and-crest emblems scattered around the car; you'll never forget that you're driving a Cadillac. I love the smooth, confident power of the 4.9 V-8, which is surprisingly good on gas. Another surprise is how well it handles for a large, FWD luxury car; it's no Miata, but you can drive it down a twisty road and have a good time. Another bonus is she's paid for; I love not making car payments.


10-12-08, 04:08 PM
Tie Car: My former 1975 Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe in "Back-on Black" with Cranberry Red Velvet / Velour interior. No pics.

It looked 100% exactly like this car, IDENTICAL right down to the rims and as perfect as this car, too. Sold at age 10 with 7,400 miles on her. Power Sun Roof, & Road Wheel, too. But all Black. The interior was the color of this car's exterior.


Oh I love those 1974-78 Imperials and NYB's. I had a dream last night that I had a New Yorker Brougham sedan from that era.

10-12-08, 04:40 PM
You & me both! I am sad that I sold it. It got "keyed" by some POS. I took it to a body shop to be fixed. Even tho it was Jet Black, it never matched. It was "duller" than the original. Scratched on driver's side rear quarter, for like 4 feet long.
They repainted the 4-mile long rear quarter. When I was unhappy and showed them the differance, they did it a 2nd time. Was no better. Lousey Shop.
They blamed "fading" FADING?!!?? The original part (door/front fender) were DARKER than what they painted. What fading?
So, mad and angry and able to kill, I sold her, and purposely lost tract of her.
Bought nothing, for 3.5 years. Then bought the then new Imperial BustleBack Coupe (1992 - Brilliant Gold Firemist) How do ya spell Lemon? 82 Imperial

10-12-08, 07:38 PM
There have been so many cars so I'll sort out the favorites by category:

Luxury car: My ex-91 Fleetwood Brougham. Not the most refined nor the most expensive car I've had BUT we are talking favorites here.


Muscle Car: My '67 Cutlass w/461 Olds. Puts lots of time and $$$ into it. Fun car and ran mid 12's with no power adders.

Modern Musclecars: My current '99 Cobra vert. Dont care about whoever's LSx whatever. I could have bought one if I wanted one and still can. As it sits with an '04 Mach 1 motor, full exhaust (no cats), bolt ons and all, it is a high 12 - low 13 second car. Dont need it any faster, if I did I would have kept the supercharged Mach 1 I just sold. Currently has the black wheels and an '04 Cobra rear bumper (not pictured)



Sports car: 1985 Porsche 928. Just a refined, beautiful piece of machinery. This car had only 8k miles when I got and 16k when she left. I do want another one day. This pic was from '93


Luxury Coupe: Wife's current '98 Mark VIII. I haven't owned many luxury coupes but I've had a few and this pristine example is my favorite. Wonderful driving car and super reliable:


SUV's: I'll throw my custom vans into the SUV category. Out of my vans and an '01 Trooper LS I bought new, I liked my '99 Hightop GMC the best:


10-12-08, 08:21 PM
2003 Range Rover... Hands down NO Question. After that it would be my 2001 330i. Rangie was the best car I ever had, those who know my "Model" story also know the Rangie is directly responsible for getting me laid once.


Got me this:

10-12-08, 08:28 PM
My favorite is the V. I walk past the Jeep to DD it almost every day. If I wanted to buy something to look at I would have bought a couch and a painting. The Maggie just makes it that much more fun.

#2 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix. Black with Crager SS, air shocks, red pinstripe and black viny halfl top. That car rode like a dream. There is always a place in your heart for your 1st.

10-13-08, 01:26 PM
1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

10-13-08, 01:26 PM
Well, having only owned three cars in my life (just acquired the third one, my winter beater) I would have to say the Fleetwood takes the cake. Yeah, my '95 was nicer, cleaner, and had a better ride with more power, for some reason the '88 wins my heart. Maybe its because it was the first car I had or maybe its just because I love being able to blow past people in the ultimate old people mobile. It just has a sense of character that the '95 did not have. Although I miss the '95 greatly (got smashed at an intersection about 2 months ago) I am able to pass it on. There are others out there, but there is no other Fleetwood.

10-13-08, 02:58 PM
Of the 50+ cars I have owned in my 12 years of driving... my 1989 Porsche 944 S2 was my favorite. My Father bought it new and gave it to me during my second year of college. I was expensive to maintain (it had 140K when given to me), but well worth the driving experience:



Granted it was heavily modded by my Father and we both put plenty of AutoX, SCCA, and daily driving miles on her. I sold it to a good friend of mine during my last year of college and it was totalled with 190K on it :(

The 3.0 liter I-4 16 valve motor was STRONG. 3rd gear was so much fun and the 50/50 weight distribution helped me catch the Vettes and 911 Turbos.

10-13-08, 03:12 PM
When I originally picked my all time favorite car, I was choosing among all the cars I could remember owning. Now after reading the great responses to the question, I thought I would pick the favorite sportscar I have owned, all of which were not really "daily drivers"' but more weekend fun cars. In retrospect I actually had quite a few sportscars statrting with my first car a 1958 Jaguar XK 150 Drophead Coupe (totaled by a drunk driver in Illinois). Following the Jag DHC, I owned and thoroughly enjoyed, my Lamborghini 350 GT for ten years. For those of you not familiar with Lamborghini's first production car, the 350 GT was Commendatore Lamborghini successful attempt to build a GT car that was superior to Ferrari's offerings of that era. He succeded very well producing a beautifully crafted (unlike Ferrari's thrown together road cars) 155 mph DOHC V-12 with 6 dual choke Webbers with an excellent 5 speed all synchro box. The build quality was superior to any GT of its day being almost "jewel-like" in execution (all leather interior, engine turned facings in the engine compartment and door jams. To top it off the car was totally reliable; in the ten years I owned it the carbs never went out of tune and it only required new plugs and batteries now and then. My mechanic called it the "Chevy" because of its' lack of temperament. But like most large sports and GT cars of the sixties it required effort to drive.

I had two series I E-type Jaguars, a roadster and a coupe, a 1983 Volkswagen Wolfsburg Scirocco and a 2002 Mercedes 230 Sports Kompressor Coupe with a 6 speed manual (a lot better car than some of you think it was, especially for the $25,000 it cost new) and the use of a 1974 Merc 450 SL (when it was new) any time I wanted it (a lot worse car than some of you think; the least fun semi sportscar I have personnaly driven).

So what was my favorite among this managerie ......... the VW Scirocco! Simple, straight forward great recaro type seats and just a lot of fun to drive. My wife learned to drive stick on it and commadeered it for her daily commute, foisting the Audi 5000S Avant off on me. While originally only used on weekends the Scirocco became the car of choice for all of our non business driving ..... both my wife and I agree, the car just made you smile when you drove it!

10-13-08, 07:07 PM
^ You've had the coolest cars. :cool2: :cloud9:

10-13-08, 08:54 PM
I guess I miss the ones most that I cannot easily (or afford) to replace. Later models are relatively easy to find another one like what you had if you want another one badly enough.

Some old favorites that I should have never sold...

1.) 1962 Corvette with Factory Fuel. 327 with 4 speed transmission.

Roman Red, white cove, red interior, white convertible top, red hardtop.

Oh yes, I almost forget the wonderbar radio...

2.) 1967 Mustang GTA convertible. 390 w/ C6, red/red/black top. 12-13 mpg on the highway with a strong tailwind...lol

3.) 1966 Corvette, Nassau Blue, blue interior, originally had big block hood and big tach, but when I had it it had a later model 350/4 speed. What a great driver that one was.

4.) 1968 Chevelle 2 door, Marina Blue, 327, 3 spd. on column.

5.) 1972 Olds Cutlass 2 door. Brown w/ brown interior. 3 spd on column. What a cool sound those 1970 - 1972 vintage Buicks and Olds 350 V8's made.

10-13-08, 08:57 PM

Needs a drop in a bad kinda way.

10-13-08, 10:45 PM

Needs a drop in a bad kinda way.Yeah!. Got 1.5" lowering springs, just need a chance to put them on.:thumbsup: