: Oil Pans

10-12-08, 07:14 AM
Hmm, was surfin the site and notice no one has thought about upgradin their oil pans...

I found one from GM, 19172376, a circle track oil pan. But i dont know if it will fit on our Vs...Looks like a simple remove and bolt one, but the side with the oil filter, i dont know if it keeps the oil adapter plug, nor do i know the base dimensions for compadibility. Capacity is 8 quarts so it would be more oil tolug around, but more oil does lead to better coolin and HV oil pump satisfaction...

I have seen profiles of it on the CT525 engine, but a search online does not show any pics nor specs of it.

The temp plug HAS to be relocated, and i think i will install it on my oil cooler adaptor. A little bit of splicin here and solderin there and i will be on the right track...

10-12-08, 11:30 AM
I ran accross this info yesterday:

CTS-V "Oil Pan ­ The oil pan used on the CTS-V LS6 application also is unique, primarily for packaging. The re-design ­ which allows for a deeper sump (oil reservoir) ­ enables passage of the steering gear from a location specific to the vehicle.
Accessory Drive ­ While all locations of accessory drive units on the LS6 remain essentially the same, they are more closely mounted to the engine (approximately 37 millimeters) for packaging purposes."

I do not know if it relevant to our search for a larger oil pan, but it might be.

I put 7.5 quart Milodon (5.5-6qt stock) on my 5.7 L Suburban and it reduced the typitcal operating temp for the oil by 5-10 degrees.

I also would like find a larger oil pan for the V, preferrably of circle-track racing design.

10-12-08, 02:49 PM
Wish I could help you on this one but I would be interested in an upgraded pan also. Is there anything left stock on your V Naf?

10-13-08, 10:16 AM
The steerin wheel , for now...