: After a nightmare 500hp DD VW, plenty of research and Test drive, I have questions.

10-11-08, 09:17 PM
Just to give you a brief history on me, I purchased a VW R32 back in 2004. Over the last four years, I have become a pilliar in the R32 community. I supercharged my car out to 500hp/370tq. It was a fun nightmare. Im now in the market for something that is affordable, fast as well as luxurious and after a test drive this morning the V is for me. This will be my third cadillac, my first car was an 84 seville and I had a 78 coupe deville known as the "White Rose".

I test drove a Silver 2005 CTS V today and noticed a couple things. First i noticed the skip shift feature had be deleted. Im assuming this is done via a controller or something in the ECU itself. Is there any way to find out which one is in there? Im actually thankful its in there, my buddy had a GTO with the skip shift and it was anoying. nonetheless its been tampered with which kinda scares me.

Secondly, when i turned the car off it seemed like it didnt want to shut down, like it stumbled shutting down. Is this normal? From what I can gather the LS6 seems to be a solid engine.

I didnt notice any diff noise, the car only has 26K on it and the dealership came down to 26,995 on the car.

Whats the typical GM warranty on these cars?

TIA guys, im gonna spend a few hours on this website tonight getting myself all hyped up for this car. I hope some of you are willing to help guide me as I have always been good about guiding the newbs around on the vwvortex.

10-11-08, 09:40 PM
get your "cags" from this guy! best $ i have spent on my V so far..

and the "dieseling" when you shut it down seems to be normal. mine does it and the dealer says its normal.

10-11-08, 09:43 PM
Although the skip shift can be disabled by a tuner through the ECU the most common method is the installation of device in the transmission wiring circuit that can be found underneath the car leading to the transmission. These devices are common and apparently without issue. In rare instances, some dealers have tried to blame various conditions on them, but they are easily removeable.

The engine shutdown issues sounds like a bad motor mount, which would be covered by warranty if one is still in effect. (If not under warranty, Lindsay Cadillac can sell you some UUC aftermarket mounts that are much better than the stock mounts.)

The typical "original" warranty is 4-years. Extended warranties ususally have to be purchased within the original warranty period. If, however, you are buying the car from a dealer you can typically get some additional warranty from the purchase transaction.

10-11-08, 10:09 PM
According to Carfax the car was originally a lease. It was sold at auction. After that a second owner (female) purchased the car and kept it for two months. Apparently is was too fast for the female owner and she bought a G-Wagon. The brake pads looked pretty worn out which I pointed out.

Its @ a Merc dealership, the guy told me he will take care of me but ive heard that sh*t before. You guys think thats a fair price for the car?

10-11-08, 10:22 PM
Brake pads are a consumable component and not usually covered under warranty. Obviously, anytime you buy a used car you are getting a number of consumable components (brakes, clutches, wiper blades, etc.) in various stages of deterioration. Since I rarely buy used cars I can't say how that is usually handled in terms of a seller's warranty.

10-11-08, 11:45 PM
You guys think thats a fair price for the car?

I bought my '05 with 36k miles in January of this year for 26,800 or something like that.

You should be able to get that for about $24k is my guess.

10-11-08, 11:50 PM
When I first got my V the car would literally SHAKE when I shut it down. After buying it, it still had the factory warranty left on it so I took it to a dealership and got a bunch of work done. I read on here that it might be the motor mounts and that it's a common problem, so I suggested it at the dealership. They replaced the motor mounts and the car has not done it since. And for the price you paid...that sounds pretty resonable. I paid around 25k for 30 thousand miles for my raven black 05 V. Welcome to the forum btw...lot of great info on here :welcome:

10-12-08, 12:19 AM
My Pads and Rotors were both replaced under warranty at least my dealership did.

10-12-08, 01:01 AM
Thanks for the warm reception guys but I havent bought it yet. I left a $250 deposit and will resume negotiations on Monday. They are still working the deal but have me approved.

I fell in love with that car right as I left the parking lot...simultaneously I watched my New Oakleys fly off the roof of the car and into traffic. Such a sad yet happy moment. I guess Ill use the deposit to buy new sunglasses and a tank of gas.

I understand pads will not be covered by most warranties, nor will other consumables like the tires. Most of those BS $1500 warranties cover only "internally lubricated" parts. I learned that the hard way with my Audi 1.8T when the motor and turbo gave up the ghost six months after i bought it. Im more concerned that the car was abused and not maintained properly. I also have to take a closer look at the tires. I hope they are original and almost worn out. Thats could be a sign it wasnt abused. If im gonna pay top dollar i dont want to have to throw two grand at the car in the next 6 months on maintenance items. I also have to consider the fact Im pretty much buying a $30K car without a factory warranty and its out of a Cadillac Dealership too...brakes and tires are the least they could do.

10-12-08, 01:09 AM
I doubt that the original tires will be on the car. They came with Goodyear F1 supercar tires that wore out in less than 20,000 miles, or 10,000 "spirited" miles.
If you become a supporting member you can have the VIN read for all factory work. That may be handy.

10-12-08, 03:16 AM
Thanks, I just made my donation to become a supporting member. I really love car forums. The knowledge here is great and The VIN history im sure can be invaluable.

10-12-08, 08:17 AM
I doubt that the original tires will be on the car. They came with Goodyear F1 supercar tires that wore out in less than 20,000 miles, or 10,000 "spirited" miles. ...10k on those original tires was about the average. I eeked out just over 15k on mine, and there was only one guy that I remember that beat me with about 19k. At 26k, you should fully expect it to have aftermarket skins. Are either the fronts or the rears showing excessive wear indicating a lot of spirited launches? (If the fronts show the wear, it just means they rotated the tires in a weak attempt to fool you. :helpless:)

And, the CAGS eliminator is probably the most common mod done by people and shouldn't scare you away from the car, IMHO.

How's the paint on the front and elsewhere? Lots of chips or mostly clean and shiny? Wheel wells have a lot of mud/dirt on them or are they mostly clean indicating no gravel roads? Any dings in the side panels compliments of the grocery store parking lot? Any dents on the hood, roof, or trunk lid? Curb rash on the wheels? Front air dam mangled or heavily scrubbed? Wear and tear on the seats, driver-side floor, NAV buttons, carpeting clean, or Taco Bell sauce in the cracks of the console? No?

Buy it. Then, you can change the fluids from front to rear and enjoy it day after day. Oh, see if you can get an extended warranty thrown in, too.


10-12-08, 09:07 AM
An 05 with that mileage should still qualify for the GMPP extended warranty. BUY THAT ONE, if you're going to get an extended warranty for the car. It may be a little more, but it is basically the same as the factory warranty out to it's time/mileage limits. A 6yr / 100K mile one should be available.

Good luck on getting you a :v:

10-12-08, 10:16 AM
I would buy one from a Cadillac dealership and get the 100,000 mile extended warranty. These are great cars, but they have a few problems that can be expensive to fix. The rear diff is the big one. I think most guys pay around $1500 at purchase for the warranty. Some dealers include it in the price, so keep that in mind.