: looking for plug wires

10-11-08, 06:57 PM
I recently put acdelo pro platiums in my 99 devilve i noticed some of wire were looking bad any suggestions.

10-11-08, 07:22 PM
Factory ACDelco wires only. Do a search if you have any doubts. This question has been asked a hundred times and it always comes out the same.

10-11-08, 07:32 PM

11-02-08, 03:32 AM
This has been bugging me so I figured I'd ask how on earth are these AC Delco plugs supposed to get a good seal with out a pressure fitting of some sort? :confused:

Also why does NGK recommend plugs with a gap of .060 vs the .050 OEM? Do they run a bit hotter or what? I plan to grab some G series in a bit to replace my 10 year old plugs.

11-02-08, 08:50 AM
mythy, Your engine uses a set of ACDelco #41-950 Professional Platinum spark plugs. They are pregapped at .050", the setting the ignition system was designed for. Your engine will not like any other spark plug. Take my word for it. Don't put NGK plugs in a Northstar !!

The tapered seats on modern plugs relegated the old crush washers to the history bin, as well as providing better controlled heat transfer between the plug shell and cylinder head, critical for proper operation, which is why spark plugs should always be torqued to the recommended value.

Just because a plug runs some specific gap has nothing to do with heat range. Gaps should be set to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Heat range is determined by the length and diameter of the center ceramic which holds the positive electrode and also the thickness of the threaded shell area. The differences in material size and shape control the temperature range in which the plug tip runs in order to insure clean operation, as in burning off tip deposits. The heat range for a particular engine application is determined during the design and testing phase of engineering. Changing heat ranges will do nothing for performance unless something has been done to the engine/fuel systems which increases or decreases combustion chamber temperatures. Like supercharging or nitrous application.

Sorry for the double firing order/coil tower location post, BUT those numbers for the plug wires are very, very important. Google "waste spark ignition".