: Who else has a Caddy with this?

10-09-08, 08:55 PM
Hey guys, since someone (can't remember who) was interested in these, I thought this would be an interesting post, just to see how many Cadillacs, or any other old cars, have this type of "old style" alarm system, or if anyone could give me more info on them. Apparently, they are not factory alarms, but installed by the dealer or another alarm company. I have seen them mostly on cars ranging from the mid 70's up until the late 80's. I think I saw one on a '87 Lesabre once. My '79 had one and my '78 Fleetwood has one too. Just wondering if anyone else had one, or if they are rare or whatever. They consist of a key-hole, usually in the drivers side fender, sometimes they have the symbol of the car's make covering the hole to make it look nice. To arm the alarm, you simply turn the key to the right, and before you get back in the car later, you turn it the other way to disarm it. Then, a big heavy metal siren, usually mounted on the drivers side of the engine compartment, and also the "shaker sensor", not sure where it is on my car, and then the last thing, which I never understood, which is why in gods name they put a manual switch under the dash to active the siren manually?? I guess its in case you have to get somewhere really quick. Every car with this type of alarm I've seen has the manual switch under the dash. Every time I see them in the junkyard, I pull the sirens, not sure why but the guy charges me like $10 a piece, I just got a huge siren from a '76 Eldorado the other day. Here are some pics of the system:

(If you click on the pics again after they open they get bigger)

The key-hole to arm and dis-arm it.

The "emergency" switch, above the gas pedal.

The siren, right next to the master cylinder, black with the yellow label, and IT IS LOUD!!! Scared the hell out of the neighbors after I "accidentally" hit the switch.

10-09-08, 10:38 PM
Is it an air siren that spins around and sounds like an air raid siren? One of my friend's had that on his family's old Astro van because it gave them a discount on the insurance. It was fun as hell to scare people with that thing.

10-10-08, 12:53 AM
I saw a guy that had a 1973 Nova with a similar setup - I never saw under the hood but he told me about the system and claimed it was "stock". Basically it was a generic looking keyhole (small) in the driver side fender that armed/disarmed the system. The car was in primer and he wanted to paint the car and had mixed feelings about omitting it. Rare or not, I think I would omit it - it couldn't look any more out of place! At least that Eldo has a snazzy cover :)

10-10-08, 12:54 AM
My Grandparents used to have a SDV with a setup like that.

10-10-08, 03:13 AM
So could you drive down the street with it on and pretend you're an ambulance???

10-10-08, 08:46 AM
Nice! What sort of tone does that siren throw?

10-10-08, 12:06 PM
Yes, I guess you could scare people with it (not that I would ever dream of doing that:D) It is in fact just like an air-raid siren, when power is applied to it the "blades" spin extremely fast and produce a loud sound. There is a sticker that says "Caution, Keep fingers away when in operation." It is not like a police car where it winds up, then down, up then down. It winds up and stays on the same note the whole time, like the air-raid sirens do. And by the way, that picture is of my actual car, not the Eldorado I pulled another one off of. I have seen the key-holes mounted in weirder places, sometimes it seems as though they just picked a random spot on the fender and stuck it there, so I'm thankful mine is in-line with the door protector, and has the snazzy Caddy cover! But I am pretty sure they did not come from the factory, rather the dealer installed them or another local place.

DopeStar 156
10-10-08, 05:44 PM
The Chapman Lock! My Grandpa's 84 Buick Regal Limited has one! It's long since been disabled though.....

10-10-08, 06:27 PM
The '77 coupe I just bought has one, but no siren. The system has been disabled. Too bad it didn't have that nice cover like yours does.

10-11-08, 01:18 PM
I was at my friend's house the yesterday and I noticed that his dad's '69 Stingray has one mounted in the front fender. He opted not to take it out when he rebuild the car because he was to lazy to patch the fiberglass.

10-11-08, 06:42 PM
Is it possable to get a video or sound clip of the horn?

10-11-08, 07:07 PM
Yes, I have heard of the "Chapman Lock" before, but mine doesn't say that anywhere, all it says on the key hole is "ACE" and on my key, "ACE LOCK CO., CHICAGO, IL" Actually I noticed that almost all the cars that I have pulled these sirens off of have an ACE lock so I guess they were "the standard", at least in Chicagoland. The siren says "Smith Burglar Alarms, 1701 Exchange Ave., Chicago, probably long out of business. It must have taken them hours to install this thing between cutting a hole in the fender, mounting the lock, installing the siren, then the shaker sensor, then wiring in the emergency switch, then connecting wires for the ignition lock out, making the headlights flash, making the horn sound, and making the doors lock. That must have been a pain.

I'll try to upload a video of what it sounds like, although the headlights, horn blowing and doors locking function only work sometimes, the siren always works though.

10-14-08, 11:36 AM
i have 3 buttons like that in my '69... not sure what they do. havn't seen a siren yet and havn't bothered to find out where the electricals go. one is a switch like the one you have in pretty much the exact same spot, the other seems like it should be a light switch because you pull it out, either that or an old choke lever, and the other one is just a push button.... idk?????

10-15-08, 07:07 PM
Looks like the "air filter/cleaner housing" needs to be repainted----from the photos.Love the color of your Caddy!

10-16-08, 07:08 PM
Ages ago my mother had a blue Chevrolet Celebrity of all things fitted with a Chapman Lock. I can't for the life of me remember what it DID. I'm not sure if it had a siren or anything. I guess they were bog standard here on the east coast, though, since I've seen other cars with them. I wonder if they're still around. [wanders off to Google...]

EDIT: and so I find out... they were a kill switch and hood lock. Simple and effective. The company is out of business, it would seem.

10-17-08, 07:09 PM
Well for some reason, my recorder isn't working so I can't get a clip of it. And yes, I know my air filter housing is dirty!! Actually the whole engine should be detailed, because the rest of the car is in really nice shape.