: 01 catera aftermarket stereo?

10-09-08, 06:34 PM
so i really haven't done much research on this yet, but before i really dig into this im wondering if everything i want is really possibly

i have a 2001 catera with the bose stereo, with a custom navigation system. currently have the nav system plugged into the back of the bose system in the cd changer slot. everything works fine and great no problems.

now i want a dvd player 6-7 inch screen in the place of my bose system. here's the deal, i don't want to lose my steering wheel audio controls. im want to keep the navigation system i have (cause i cut into the dash to install it and don't want a big hole there) and plug it into the new stereo. and last my car has the whole onstar system which can't be converted to the new digital onstar system, so if i get a dvd player with built-in bluetooth will i be able to use the microphone with my onstar to talk to people while i drive? right now the onstar system is plugged into the phone input on the bose system.

its a lot, but if it can't be done how i want it, im just gonna stick with what i have cause i have 0 problems with it as is. if anyone could post on this i'd appreciate it