: Permanent HG Repair - Give an old N* new life

10-09-08, 02:13 PM
Taking pre-orders now for the STRONGEST Northstar repair in existance.

A kit that includes the drill bit/guide, tapping tools, thread locker, instructions, and 20 precision machined studs complete with auto-engine grade locking nuts, to fix any Northstar block, PERMANENTLY.

These studs will never EVER let go inside the block. They won't move. They won't crack the block when you torque them down. They won't stretch, and you could put nitrous or a turbo on the engine and the studs will withstand the cylinder pressures.

These will work for engines that have never had inserts/timeserts, as well as engines that have had the standard size inserts.

BEST FEATURE- if the HGs ever have to be replaced again, say 8-10 years down the road, the studs can be re-used. Just clean around them, and install a new gasket.

Better and stronger than inserts. More durable.

Also included, tips for engine removal, info on how to re-set the timing chains, etc.

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10-09-08, 03:44 PM
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