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10-08-08, 04:27 PM
My Clutch seems to be good right now, but since this is the first standard tranny car I have ever owned I was hoping to get a heads up on what to look for as far as indicators that my clutch is on the way out, so when these signs rear their ugly head I will recognize them. Answers will probably help other forum members in the same boat as me. Thanks !

10-08-08, 04:31 PM
Buy yourself a UUC Flywheel now so it wont be such a hit when it comes time to swap your clutch! I've never had a clutch wear out before swapping it, but i would assume it would feel like you were pushing it say 25% of the way down and flooring it although it's really all the way up. Engine revs up, car barely moves?

10-08-08, 04:51 PM
correct. revs without movement means you are about to be stranded. Hard to tell when it will go before that though. Purely drive style.It all varies on the car but you can find (non V) stories of clutches frying in 5K miles and some cars with 1XX,XXX miles without a replacement. I had a ford mustang (GT) and carried it well over 120K miles without a swap. Eventually it died on me in the manner described above.. Most of the modded guys have already changed it out. Lighter flywheel means better feedback and more importantly, less weight...I'll be upgrading but not til its time. Too much install cost vs/part cost for me to justify it.

10-08-08, 05:33 PM
Mine just died.

10-08-08, 07:23 PM
Mine just died.

How many miles on your?

10-08-08, 08:10 PM
Hydraulic clutch that is constantly adjusting makes it hard to notice your clutch going out until it does. When I took mine in with tranny problems at 66k they said the clutch was about shot but it was still useable. I ordered a LS7 clutch set: clutch, pressure plate, flywheel and slave from Luke for about $650 and just had it sent to my dealer for install since they already had the tranny pulled. I think they charged my 3 hours labor for the install but that beat the hell out of me dropping it in my driveway.

If you or some close friends can do it yourself I would say the LS7 is the way to go because my dealer wanted like $2300 to replace my stock clutch since its a "wear part" not covered by warrenty.

10-09-08, 08:07 AM
How many miles on your?
Clutch went out around 50k. I getting ready to go to work and it would not get into 1st or reverse unless the car was off. Even then it was hard.

10-09-08, 10:57 AM
Sounds like your slave cylinder wasn't working properly. A clutch that is going will slip. You will smell clutch when you are in a higher gear 4,5 or 6th and set on the gas. Motor will rev and car will slowly accelerate. Also the clutch would engage when pedal is almost at the top. Although with a hyd. clutch this might not be evident, as someone has already mentioned.
Getting into gear with engine running mean clutch isn't fully releasing. My V had this problem from factory.

10-09-08, 11:18 AM
My slave cylinder did fail and I think the pressure plate was scorched. (I think it was the pressure plate). I never smelled anything. The funny thing is that it's still hard to get into 1st just like it was before the clutch went out so I guess that's normal. I regret having a stock clutch & flywheel put back in. I really don't like the clutch feel so if get the 09V it will be an auto. I love rolling gears and always had a stick but paying for wear and tear is not cheap.

10-09-08, 12:38 PM
Slipping would indicate a clutch going bad. Sometime you will have a little warning but sometimes it just fails.

UUC Flywheel is good if you plan to keep close to stock (My current setup seems to be working fine).

If you plan to go over the 400 RWHP then go with the LS7 clutch. Not sure what it can handle but it's more then our clutches will take.

I'm planning for 500 RWHP and the torque not too far behind. If the Maggie doesn't do it I will be working on a Head/Cam package (with the maggie) to get me up there. I am currently thinking about going to the LS7 clutch in mine.