: 2008 CTS bose stereo system acting weird.

10-07-08, 10:32 PM
Hi all. I have just bought a 2008 CTS with the 10 speaker bose system. When driving one day all of a sudden my back speaker volume reduced to about 1/4 of what they were. Ticked me off. BUT the next day when turning on the car the back speakers worked but the front ones didn't with the exception of the middle. Then several days later when starting my car the front speakers worked except for the doors...they did not....but the back speakers were very low. So low that you couldn't hear them from the front. Took it to the dealer and made an appt. THEN the next time I turned on my car all the front speakers were working but nothing in the back AND my blinker sound was gone! When I turned the turn signals on....they worked.....just no sound! I immediately took it to the dealer to show them what was happening. They felt it was the amphlifier so they ordered one and installed it. NOPE!!!!! The front speakers are working but the back speakers are very low. I confirmed this by moving my fade to the back. HELP!!!!!! The dealer has no clue what's wrong or where to look. Has anyone out there had these problems and if so give me advice. Any of you stereo experts have any ideas???? This certainly isn't the "bose surround sound" that I bought.