: Odometer Fraud - Courtesy of Your Ford Salesperson

c5 rv
10-07-08, 08:16 AM
Lease a car, get free miles...


10-07-08, 05:14 PM
I knew somebody who leased cars and would pull the fuse for the odometer. It was kind of funny because he'd be driving along with no lights on the dashboard working and several other things didn't work because they were on the same fuse.

10-07-08, 07:43 PM
People are dumb.

10-07-08, 08:17 PM
I want you to know, that after a working-life career of selling cars for "only" 36 years, I never worked for a dealer who messed with odometers.
These two people, are idiots.
1) If caught - you lose you license to operate
2) If placed on news on in the local paper, you can close up today. NOBODY is going to be coming to you to buy anything!!!
3) Y can go to jail !!

For what? To make an extra $100 @ car ? Any company that does it is so stupid...they should go to the big room, based on ignorance.

Please, don't paint all of the long hours, hard working, moderate to low paid sales forces across America & Canada as folks who do or condone this.

On another subject, I have had THIS happen TO ME:-

Customer comes in - spends a good amount of time on a in-stock car and we have the appraiser look over the trade, offering a trade in price based on the car he/she is trading.

a deal is written, Delivery is 2 days later. Buyer arrives, deal is done & HE drives away in the new car.
We check out the trade. The appraiser has his form, as filled out 2 days prior. He checks "Excellent Spare Tire" Today, there is NO spare tire in the trunk.
Appraiser checks Battery label shows battery was installed 5 months ago.
We check battery. It's filthy, dirty, obviously very old and in cleaning off label it was the original battery, now 7 years old.

Buyer stated he had a brand new taillight lens, as current one was cracked, and bought a new one & would place it in the trunk.
Today? Not there !
So, you see, many buyers do not play fair.
I would never, ever work for a CrOoKeD dealer! They cheat the consumer AND theycheat me on Commissions! Cheaters. period.
Remember, sales personal DO AS THEY ARE TOLD TO DO!!
If they are instructed to "Get away with anything you can, type of sales" thats the rules.
IF they are instructed to dealer with the consumer in a fair and proper
way, that is how they do it. We are the workers. The Management/Owners are the bosses.

The fairest and best are the IN TOWN, FAMILY OWNED, old style dealers.
Tradition shows that the worst are the HIGHWAY GIANTS with 1,000 car in inventory, refered to IN THE BUSINESS as HighwayWhores.

Night Wolf
10-07-08, 08:27 PM
One of the local Ford dealers never fails to remind me why I don't go to dealers unless I absolutly have to (IE can't get a part elsewhere) I have yet to go to a car dealer where I actually liked the experience.... probably one of the reasons I think so low of any dealer in general, especially new cars.