: Interior roof clean and some exterior ?s

06-17-04, 03:45 PM
I recently picked up my car from the shop and the roof in the interior seems to be a little dirty. Is there anyway to clean the ENTIRE roof ? I doni't want clean spot and the rest of the roof to be dirty. Also I was wonder since my car has a ragtop if I can remove a screw and buy them chrome or get them chromed. Right now they are gold and I want to replace all of the emblems which are gold ( their faded ) and get them in chrome. Will I find these screws at a junk yard ? Thanks for any input

06-17-04, 03:55 PM
Also forgot... I guess the previous owner had the ragtop pressure washed:crying: and now you can see "streaks" on the roof. Some of the ragtop material has "puffed" up and looks bad. Is there anyway I can fix this so it's not as noticable ?

06-21-04, 01:26 PM
Sorry bro..been installing Simulated Convertibles for some time now..and when the pressure washer strikes, your done. Recover only. In the meanwhile, to remove dirt and mildew, the only product I found that works on any color or material is Oxy-Clean. You can get it at walmart, k-mart, etc.