: Mystery panels on back of center console, 08 STS

10-07-08, 01:22 AM
We have an 08 STS basically fully loaded. On the back of the center console are two panels that I've highlighted on the attached photo in green and in yellow.

What "goes" here? I'm not aware of any option that we didn't get that would go here, and yet it seems like if there wasn't something that could be installed here, these panels wouldn't be there. Some sort of rear-seat entertainment system perhaps? Or ???

Just curious! :hmm:

10-07-08, 08:32 AM
The lower panel on my 07 STS pops out to reveal what looks like an ash tray with a cigarrette lighter receptal much like the one on the front console.

10-07-08, 08:56 AM
Gently push in the lower panel and it will pop out like an oil dampened door. Inside you will find an ashtray with lighter receptacle like Edsandra says but it is also lined like the front one which is too nice to ruin with hot cigar/cigerette or blunt ashes.The smokers need the OEM smokers package for sure.I wouldn't mess up my nice lined coin trays:tisk:( for me , not ashtrays).


10-07-08, 10:40 AM
The upper panel on my 2007 STS contains one of the fifteen Bose speakers for my Bose sound system.

10-07-08, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the replies! I do have the 15 Bose speaker system, and actually was wondering where the 15th speaker was, as I only counted 14! I'm going to make sure that there's one there. And I cleverly didn't try pressing the lower one, so I didn't know that it should open . . . .

10-08-08, 08:45 AM
The service manual does show a speaker located there.

10-08-08, 11:21 PM
Speaker on top, "ashtray" on bottom.