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10-06-08, 11:03 PM
alright i know some of you guys are super anal about the search function and i want you to know that i used it and read through old posts for about an hour and am still confused about what all i need...my stock setup is bose with cd changer and no nav in a 99 sts...i want to take the stock head unit out and replace it with the aftermarket alpine i have...i believe i need the odb 2 but i have heard that i want the first gen one over the second gen model...i just want to clarify this...i have an aftermarket amp and sub that ill be hooking straight up to the alpine player and will just leave the stock sub where its at...let me know if i am correct in getting the first gen model of the odb 2 and where you think i can find it at...whats the diff. between the two anyway...thanks for all your help guys

10-06-08, 11:13 PM
every place i said odb 2 replace with gmrc....whoops brain fart...not sure which gmrc to use though