: Thought i escaped air ride issues. Looking at Hi Jackers

10-06-08, 10:56 PM
I remember the town cars were nightmares,

Never caught on to the fact my air ride pump never cycled on the new 96. Drove it well over 100 miles since i put it on the road and havent had a problem.

This morning i got in it and the ride was horrible. Felt like it was sitting on the frame, though the car didnt look all that low.

Took it to work, bouncing all over the place. Checked fuses. The 30 amp for the level ride was pulled. Put one in, It ran constantly.

Put the car on the lift, as i was just starting to lift the weight of the ground the rear end poped up, like it was stuck or something.

Up in the air notice the level ride arm/actuator was broken off. Temp repaired this and let the car down Thew the fuse in. No constant pump. Pulled the fuse back out just to be safe. I did notice the car was not so low any more, and rode good again. (though never witnessed the pump actually pump up the car, it just ran and did nothing)

Swaped out the sensor, and threw the fuse in, and its running constantly again.

I priced out Gabriel Hi Jackers at auto zone for around 70 bucks, and would have to put the manual fill fitting somewhere, but wouldnt have to worry about the pump issues.

The shocks are GM, and good chance are Original.

Any complaints on ride or quality on the Hi Jackers?

10-06-08, 11:18 PM
You can hook the Hi Jackers up to the stock air lines with an adapter kit. The "run constant" is supposed to mean a leak in the system, according to the FSM...

10-06-08, 11:25 PM
Auto Zone? Dude... no. Advanced if you must, but I got mine from a guy on ebay for around half that. They ride fine in my Phaeton. But before I had them installed, I had coil-over shocks back there, and it cornered like it was on rails, now it corners Ray Liotta style. But then again, I only run about 25 p.s.i in mine. Rides nice though.


10-06-08, 11:27 PM
The "run constant" is supposed to mean a leak in the system, according to the FSM...

Im not to intrested in tracking that down really... Ill prob just throw the manual pump system in, pump it level and go.

I just dont want to risk the loss of that cadillac ride....

10-07-08, 08:49 AM
If you want to keep the Cadillac ride, you could put a set of Roadmaster sedan rear springs and some soft Monroe shocks.

10-07-08, 09:56 AM
I think I still have some rear 9C1 (police) springs. I can give you those if you want to try them. They will be good for road trips with the boys when the car is loaded down:D

Same spec as Impala SS springs, just taller. For how easy it is to swap rear springs, worth a try. Worst case scenario, make a couple bucks on them on craigslist;)

10-07-08, 07:09 PM
I went with Gabrial since they were available locally. They haven't lasted as long as the original OEM shocks, but I really didn't expect them to either. I also hook up a trailer occasionally.

If you aren't sure the original shocks are bad, you could get a air line kit which usually comes with an in-line fitting. "Splice" in a small piece of air line with the air line extension fitting, and air pump valve. Then manually pump up the original shocks to see if they hold. Air line kit is about $8.00 at most any parts store.

I know a lot of people mount the air pump valve behind the license plate. There is lots of metal to locate the connection with easy access.

10-07-08, 09:39 PM
With as many air ride systems as there are out there, you would think that AC Delco would put them back into production. Hi-Jackers are not a reliable replacement and don't last as long. The Delcos lasted a lot longer, but for some reason they discontinued them. They are still listed in the catalog if only for the part #s.