: Bose Static

10-06-08, 07:21 PM
Hello...I own a 2000 STS with the Bose Audio system, "non navigation". my problem is static in the front left and right speakers at both low and high volumes ....here is where it gets weird...I used to own a Nissan 300ZX with the Bose system and that was a 1990... I had to tear the whole car apart and send out each amplifier attached within each speaker unit housing for replacement due to burned out resistors on the circuit board...my question is in 10 years has Bose fixed this problem or do i possibly have an amplifier in need of replacemnet or possibly a defective one, heres where it's even more complicated...the static is only noticible after it has rained and the car is damp..it is garaged most of the time, but when it is dry and hasnt rained I get no static but only at very low levels...does anyone have this problem or know of this problem and how much it should run me and can I easily locate the amp if necessary to pull it from the vehicle to send out for repair... Or do i simply have blown speakers...how well do the Bose speakers hold up over time...I persoanlly love the sound of the Bose stereo and would like to keep it stock, however if this is related to the bose amplifier I am slightley disappointed in the advancement in Bose technology in 10+ years..I would appreciate any info possible...thanks...If it helps i can take a video of the static sound and upload it to You Tube:mad2:

10-07-08, 03:45 PM
old bose used mini amps
you have one major amp
unless all are doing it you have blown speakers

10-08-08, 05:57 PM
Thank you, I tackled taking the door apart and found that both the driver and passenger side speakers are blown... and the foam surround had completely seperated from the paper driver on the ne speaker..So I called Cadillac and for two replacement speakers it's 219.00, part# 2571924 which isnt bad and is well worth the money..I just wish Bose will wake up one day and put some more money and effort into the design and overall quality of the drivers....if they could just master that part....then i think the overall quality and loyality from Bose owners would stay stronger...I must say that i am slightly disappointed in the build quality of the speaker units.

10-08-08, 10:49 PM
Bose is enclosures and maximizing their speakers to produce the most efficient sound in those spaces
they are not noteworthy for durable quality drivers