: Factory amp

10-06-08, 04:32 PM
ok so my factory amp is toast, I want to replace it with another factory amp from ebay or salvage yard, will this be a snap wires in and thats it? Also i initially was going to install a New amp, but was told I was going to have to replace the Head Unit also and speakers etc...is this true

10-07-08, 03:46 PM
if you get the correct amp for your radio RPO code then its plug and play

10-09-08, 02:17 PM
What am I looking for on the amp itself, a certain serial # or do i take it to the dealer to see if the rpo code matches the amp? Sorry Csts2003 i know you probably answered this a thousand times ,i just cant find it in the search box, Cant stand riding in a nice car like this with no music,thx

10-10-08, 10:16 AM
go to your spare tire cover
you will find under it a list of 3 number/letter codes
one of those corresponds to your radio option