: My battery

10-05-08, 09:18 PM
So every time I see people on here say they get 20/25 miles on the highway, I think "yea right", until today. Last night I redid my battery connection because it looked kinda rough. The first thing I noticed on the drive this morning was easier acceleration and I thought "no way". So I get on the highway and passing is better, shifting is stronger and smoother and I didnt lose 2 marks on the digital gas gauge today like usual. After long drives, the car would be sluggish after I got off the highway but not today. I have never seen such an improvement from making a better battery connection. My Pioneer head unit displays the voltage of the battery and it used to hang around 13.3 but now its at 14.0. Thats not where I want it since I replaced the battery outs with monster cable(alternator wire, starter and accessory) but is a huge improvement in ever aspect. just thought I would let people know what I just went threw since winter is coming. Now I can go get my th400 tranny for my next build. I want to do a Caddy500 with the TH400 and put it in place of the 307. unless yall now a better combo?

10-05-08, 10:50 PM
You ought to get this motor. 500 bored over to 512... nice! :D