: car care

06-17-04, 12:42 PM
Trying to find out what's the best wax/polish car care products for '93 deville to make it look like it should?

06-17-04, 06:31 PM
I use mothers or zymol on my 92 allante i like the results of both

06-19-04, 11:54 PM
I use Cherry Wet Wax on all my cars including my XLR.

06-20-04, 08:59 AM
Since it is father's day I think any wax the kids put would be great :)

06-20-04, 09:40 AM
I only use Meguirres products on my STS. I used to use Meguirres Gold Class but after reading much on this board about a new wax by Meguirres called NXT I decided to try it. It makes the car shine like nothing else and very easy to apply and even easier to remove.

CAR Motorsports
07-25-04, 05:28 PM

We, CAR Motorsports, offer a Wax, Optimum Car Wax (17oz bottle), that was in the top five items of the SEMA Show in 2002. Developed by a former GM Chemist. Optimum Car Was is endorsed by both MB and BMW. By far the best and easiest to use I have seen. Give it a try and see for yourself. No more rubbing on....waiting for haze...and then wiping off residue of fillers and/or distillates. A true pure canumba wax product will not produce residue. Be sure and get the Ultra Microfiber Cloth to apply the wax in the best fashion possible. See the link below for more info. We also have a sample kit(4oz bottles and one ultra microfiber towel) of Optimum Products that is a very good value. Enjoy.