: Replacement Amplifier '99 Deville

10-04-08, 09:08 PM

I recently purchased a '99 Deville and the previous owner had installed an aftermarket deck which he removed. I am having the common problem of the car going into 'sleep mode' due to the missing factory stereo.

I am quite happy to go back to stock but it seems the previous owner, although he still had the head unit, had removed the factory amp(non-bose) as well and doesn't know where it is anymore.

I don't know how else to describe the factory system other than the head unit is CD/Tape, it's not the Bose one and it seems to have 11 speakers. 1 in the dash, 2 in all four doors and two in the trunk.

I am looking at getting a replacement amp and was wondering if anyone knew what model years of Devilles (or other Cadillacs/GMs) would use the same amp to make it easier to find one...


10-05-08, 07:30 AM
You might also try posting this question on the Audio forums. A dealer might be able to tell you what years are common as well; call them and ask for the part and then ask what years it covers.