: Parting a 94 Fleetwood - Put in your requests

10-03-08, 07:09 PM
I need the tranny and a few miscellaneous parts, but the rest of it is going to go ASAP. Let me know what you want and a fair price offered will be accepted. Blue leather interior is nice, dash pad cracked up. Seems to run pretty good, but rusty. Some of the stainless trim has been sheetmetal screwed. It's a standard fleetwood and not a brougham, so you can probably figure what it's got or not.

I'll post some pics when I take delivery over the weekend. PM or post. Thanks.

10-03-08, 07:37 PM

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10-05-08, 07:09 PM
Both Headlights i could use.

My 96 the passenger side is cracked across, the drivers has a stone chip/hole. Both let condensation in.
My 94 parts car the pass side is cracked all over, and the drivers has a worse stone chip/hole.


Ill send you a pm