: Confessions Of A Car Salesman

ted tcb
10-03-08, 03:48 PM
Some of you have likely read this.
Very well written, and has a companion piece called
Confesions of a Finance Mgr.


Finance Mgr article

10-03-08, 04:19 PM
This is an excellent article.

The best line of course being: "It was clear that Dave liked me. And I sure liked Dave."

ted tcb
10-03-08, 04:43 PM
Yeah, Dave was a peach.

My favourite exchange went something like this:

"Big Stu was clearly searching for a way any way to get a commitment from Mr. Park. At one point he pointed at me and said, "And this guy here has never sold a car before. If you buy this car he gets to pop his cherry."

Helping a "virgin" trainee to "pop his cherry" would definitely
entice me to buy that new set of wheels.

10-03-08, 04:53 PM
Ahaha.. I also like this part:

"As I drove home I reflected on what I had learned so far: To be a car salesman you needed to be able to sell pens, have a clean driving record and be drug-free. "

ted tcb
10-03-08, 05:36 PM
Did you read "Confessions of a FI man".

They put him on the sales floor with 3 other guys, all ex-cons.
2 robbers, 1 porno king. One of the guys had a phobia going back
to jail guards jingling their keys ... pretty nasty phobia for a guy
working all day around car keys.

10-04-08, 10:23 AM
holy crap i read it all!
wow what a fabulous article!!!!