View Full Version : Beat a C5

06-17-04, 08:37 AM
Last night got to race a C5 from a light. I still have a really hard time launching the car....dropped it at about 1,700 2,000. Got like two wheel hops, kinda halted for a sec then took off. By the time I finally locked up, the C5 (which sounded as though he was launching at the same rpm I was) had me by about 3/4 of a car length. Through first he had me by same amount. 2nd gear I started to catch up, as soon as I shifted into 3rd I blew past him. By the time I was doin 71 in 3rd I had about 1 1/2 car lengths on him. If I could have just locked up immediately I really think I could have slaughtered him.
All in all, lots of fun

06-17-04, 08:48 AM
HAHA, great! Watch out for the auto vettes, they are machines 13.4 every single time no matter what you do. They will jump off the line quick and you really have to pull hard to catch them. Most of the time you will loss! Unless you are side by side going about 20 in first gear. But great job! MY best 1/4 mile time was a 13.3 and with my auto vette 13.4 every time.