: Lincoln Question?

06-17-04, 03:54 AM
Who here likes or would ever consider Lincoln/Ford/etc? I am just curious I personaly dont like any Ford product.

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06-17-04, 05:12 AM
Sad...because Lincoln has really transformed their entire product line, hell even the Town Car is desirable now. Not to mention the concepts they are working on will just blow alot of todays stuff out of the water.

06-17-04, 07:35 AM
I've bought 3 Lincolns (all new). My 1st was a 1986 Mark 7, my second was a 1998 Mark 8 and my third, is my current 2003 Town Car Limited. The '86 Mark 7 was a great car, with great performance and zero problems.
My '98 Mark 8 was a good car, with terrific power, and exceptional gas mileage, however ALL 1998 Mark 8s were plagued with a defective part in the A/C system, and air conditioning troubles began 6 weeks after taking delivery and never stopped. Every 1998 MK 8 ever in for service was there for A/C. During the winter, one never saw a MK 8 in for service, but in the summer......they were all over the place! Other than the A/C problem, the brake roters were also a HUGE problem. I had 17,000 miles on it when I sold it, and was on front brake rotor set # 5. About every 3,000 miles you need rotors. I never paid a dime for anything, all under warrantee.
My 2003 T.C. has been terrific! 3,500 miles and not a single flaw. Smooth as silk, great seats, and the quietest engine I've ever had.
I have no problem with owning a Cadillac or a Lincoln. Both great cars.

My 1993 60 Special has never had a problem, but it's too softly sprung and can (on "dips" in the road) somtimes "bottom out" {hitting the end of the travel of the front shocks}. 1 to 10 (10 the best) I'd give the '86 Mark 7 an 8 and the 98 Mark 8 a 5 and the 60 Special & the '03 Town Car both a 10.

Caddy Man
06-17-04, 12:48 PM
had a 1991 Town car, and my family still owned it, one of the best cars weve ever had, my dad has had his fair share of luxury vehicles, but his favorite wil always be his towncar, the ride, the seats, he still loves it, the car has 110,000 miles, no major problems, its never even had a tune up, all we have ever done is change fluids, tire rotations etc. Runs perfect, the build quailty is excellent, car feels very solid.

06-17-04, 03:45 PM
I had a 1986 Lincoln Mark VII LSC that we converted to look like a '87 Special Edition LSC and was a hot quick little car. The only thing I didn't like about it was the interior was tiny but other then that it was a fun car. I now have a 1990 Sedan Deville with 183,xxx miles on it and the thing stills runs like its brand. I have some problems with it one being the A/C Condenser blew so it makes this loud annoying sound, and the brake aren't big enough for the car because I replaced mine last month and they are already warped, and like someone else said before its too mushy of a ride and you have problems with it bottoming out if your going over some bumps and when taking damn near any turn at any speed the wheels squeel like your flying around the turn. But we now have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator and I love the thing as well the rest of the family. Awesome performance, great handling for an SUV, great overall build quality, top notch looking interior, and it looks great.

06-17-04, 04:17 PM
I'd drive one of the 70s Lincolns. Or Imperials. But it would have to be a secondary car, behind a Caddy. If I bought a newer car, it would be a Caddy or maybe a boxy 90s Town Car.

06-17-04, 05:00 PM
'Ya mean that you would not own & drive a 2004 Imperial ? :bouncy: {Jus Kidding, I know they don't exist!}

06-17-04, 05:44 PM
My 1st was a 1986 Mark 7,

That's funny. I bought a new 1986 Cougar and I remember being really happy with my decision until I sat in the Mark VII, which cost something like three times more than the deal I was getting on the Cougar. Broke my heart. :crybaby:

DopeStar 156
06-17-04, 11:07 PM
The '86 Mark 7 was a great car, with great performance and zero problems.
:crying: I wish I had your luck with my 89 Mark VII. I was fixing it every month with 98,000 at purchase.

I'd love to buy another Lincoln. I let mine go to buy the Fleetwood Brougham I so much desired but I was sad to see my Lincoln go. I still kept the cigarette lighter though, heh heh heh heh! :devil:

If I had enough money to maintain one, I'd buy another 89 Mark VII, the exact same color as mine and make it look exactly like mine. Fords/Lincolns are great cars but they don't age well. I almost bought a black on grey 88 Town Car which was great but didn't look like it was gonna last too long. It looked bad compared to the Fleetwood Brougham I bought.

06-18-04, 01:00 PM
Ford like all manufacutres has had its problems and now they are really starting to get them sorted out.

06-18-04, 03:48 PM
Ford like all manufacutres has had its problems and now they are really starting to get them sorted out.
Problem is, Ford will always have that blue oval!!!!:D

06-18-04, 04:30 PM
Wife drives an Expedition. Cruises, steers, and handles very good for a big truck. Funny how even the Expo's turning radius is much smaller than that on my DeVille.

Ford cars leave a lot to be desired but they have a good handle on the truck/suv market. The F-150 was - and still is the standard. The interior puts all else to shame. I like the Lincoln LS too, test drove one and was very impressed. It was a bit too small for my taste but would have been perfect for the wife. And I wouldn't mind driving it from time to time either. And when you said Lincoln/Ford/etc. was is the etc? Do you mean all Ford owned brands or domestics in general?

06-18-04, 05:07 PM
I owned a 95 Town Car, and I miss it a lot. Truthfully, if given the choice, I'd take my Town Car over my Eldo.

06-18-04, 07:18 PM
I meant everything, like Volvo, Land Rover you know. I do like Aston Martin and i think Jaguar and Volvo are okay but prob would not buy one someday.

06-18-04, 07:32 PM
If you put it that way....Id go as far as saying Ford Motor is the BEST car company out there.....RandyW I know u dont like that LOL.........but Id love to have a Jaguar;Aston Martin;Range Rover. And I really cant think of any of the other big 2 that have such great companies including Volvo, which now will have a 320hp Yamaha V8.

Ill define BEST.......I think they are best because of the car selection of LUXO cars that they offer, and they have really turned the British Cars around Ive even heard of a potential purchase of Lotus.....Ford has also kept or put on track the companies original ideas for being automobile manufactures. Except for maybe Mercury......this is Fords biggest Downfall.

06-18-04, 08:46 PM
Land Rover: Okay Land Rover aint to bad except their engines are not impressive, also their design to most is boring and of course are boxes(i kinda like the style thats the only thing). I probably could go on but to top that off they are not reliable(source:JDpower '99 Discovery and Range Rover) wait yes, Land Rover is bad.

Jaguar: These cars are excelent luxury! Lots of rich wood and tastefull interior design and usually the exterior. But of course they fall apart like every Ford product. All in all though i wouldnt mind owning an XJ, haha.

Volvo: I did like Volvo for a little while some time ago but then found out they fall apart too(also over engineered). Also the design i blan for the most part. Worst of all is that they say they are so safe even when i have seen Volvos get 4 stars from the government. Volvo is just as safe as Cadillac or any other higher end car. I could keep goin but ill just stop and say NO to Volvo.

Mazda: Now were talkin a little more reliable. I know of a decent amount of people who have owned Mazdas only one was unhappy. Mazda has good design also, all in all not bad cars(I like Mazda). Zoom Zoom Zoom

Ford: Well the Tauras has some rather gross styling and reliability on any of them are iffy. Maybe its improved wait no not really, I know of Ford engines bein done in at 80,000. Of course i cannot say their trucks are bad. They hold some decent reliability and quality. I'll avoid my opinion on the Mustang, hehehe. I again could go on forever.

Mercury: Probably the worst of them all. Bad fit and finish and reliability, the Sable looks gross! The newer stuff looks better but all in all dont poison me with Mercury. Though Cougar wasnt bad.

Lincoln: Well reliability which has been a focus(haha Focus) of mine is well not something ignored at Lincoln execept the SUV's. Lincoln cars have fairly good reliability for the luxury segment:banghead: ,you got me on that. Design is iffy I personaly dont like it especially the Town Car, LS is okay. With the new underpowered awkward Lincolnly styled vomitable Zephyr coming out I will have a lesser opinion of Lincoln.

Aston Martin: hey you cant go against Aston Martin. Cool cars they are.

Summary: The Crown Victorias are reliable and with a 100mi warranty on the ugly Focus it cant be to bad. Oh and the new Ford 500 looks like a Passat/DeVille(ford style(barf)/Mercedes and beutiful pleather seating and accents. When I think about it though I am glad at least that Ford gives jobs to many people and helps the US economy. I used JD power and assosiates ratings on '99 cars and all of my general knowledge:confused: .

If you havent looked at ford lately look again we are desparate.

06-18-04, 10:02 PM
Id have to say your wrong with both Jag and LR....you seem to be thinking of past examples of both, but if you look at 2002-now you will see that they have been far improved....The new LR3 will have a 300hp engine up about 60-80 if im not mistaken. And those engines are based off of the Jag engines. Jag has gotten lots more reliable and I think I would choose it over Merc and BMW and Audi, it has a style of its own. I too have no probs with Aston, just wish Ford would use some of that tech in the V12's for their regular everyday Duratec V6's, which happens to be co-developed with Porsche.

06-18-04, 10:25 PM
well I will further research Jaguar. I was judgin on '99 and prior with JD power and assosiates.

06-19-04, 03:51 PM
We've always had a Ford. That'll probably be what our next car will be too.

"Ford: Well the Tauras has some rather gross styling and reliability on any of them are iffy. Maybe its improved wait no not really, I know of Ford engines bein done in at 80,000."

GMs are like that too, especially because of intake problems :suspense:

06-20-04, 01:28 AM
Well from current long term reliability reports on Jaguar or what i could find they have not improved yet but we wont know whether this years models are better for a few years. I would buy and Audi before a Jag they are not to bad(the most reliable thing VWcorp makes)

Well i have never heard of a GM engine goin around 80 or below unless it was one of those lemons you find now and then that happens with every car company. I am glad for you that you like your fords like i said they make good trucks. Anywasy I would like to know your experience with Ford and what kind of Fords you have owned, thankyou.

06-20-04, 02:16 PM
Well i have never heard of a GM engine goin around 80 or below unless it was one of those lemons you find now and then that happens with every car company. I am glad for you that you like your fords like i said they make good trucks. Anywasy I would like to know your experience with Ford and what kind of Fords you have owned, thankyou.

No? You seem to be an expert when it comes to problems with other companies. Start finding out about GM problems. Tons of intake failures, engien failures, transmission failures. Just blaming problems on a car being a lemon works for all companies.

06-20-04, 03:09 PM
Land Rover: They're boxes because they've had that image for so long, it's part of the mystique.

Jag: They're british luxury, only relatively recently taken over by Ford as I recall. A bit stodgy, but pretty good looking cars. The powerplants have a history of unreliability, but some improovements have been made.

Volvo: The tanks. So reliable, they actually run a mileage club. Every 100k, you get a badge. Many people see the 300k badges. A number of people keep their long enough to see the 500k badges. And as I recall, a few years back there was a comparo of all car brands on the road for longevity. I think (though its been a while) many cars lived for like 9 years. Volvo's were averaging 14yrs...

Mazda: I don't know them too well. They've been looking very competitive overall is all I have.

Ford: To go after the looks of a car company is silly. The taurus took the rounded fashion of the day. As for engines quitting at 80k? Lets see how common that is, and the service of those engines. As for the Mustang... Not to be rude, but Ford's been advancing on the Mustang a lot lately. They've done numerous engine changes, drivetrain updates, they're entering learning curves again and again. For all the new things, I'm surprised there havent been more problems.

Mercury: Ignore styling again, I'll go after the CTS on styling. Their fit and finish is similar to Olds or Buick, their main competition.

Lincoln: I dont like where the new Town Car has gone, but it has some good things going for it. 1, a powerplant that's nothing if not reliable. The SOHC 4.6 is such a workhorse for Ford, it's like the 350 for GM. As for the new LS, I think it's a great car. I drove one, and truthfully, I'd stack it right with the 5 series BMW. Personally, if SVT got their claws in an LS, I'd be delighted. A SVT LS (looks funny, all those letters) would definately give the M5 a run IMO. It's just an excellent touring car. The 3.9 is a smaller 8 than I like, but thats personal preferences.

Personally, I'm glad Ford has kept RWD luxo cars, and they've kept on of the key nameplates, the Mustang. (F u GM for dumping the Camaro and Firebird) You might want to rethink your respect for the manufacturers besides GM.

06-20-04, 10:00 PM
My father drives a 7 year old Mustang w/ the reliable 3.8l V6....we are about to hit 90,000 this week and have never ever had one problem with the car.

Volvos are another story....anyone who says they dont last doesnt know what they are talking about...last Ive heard about 6months-1year....the world record for highest mileage car was a Volvo...and that was at like 1.2million miles.

Id still take a newer Jag over any other luxury car...they have style class and the new 4.2L engines are great, expesially teamed up w/an Aluminum body.

On to GM intakes......well If you search like you were told by others youll see that Grand Prixs and Regals and many other 3800 and 3800 supercharged engines see this problem. The pos plastic that they have on the intake cracks and falls straight into the engine......ultimatlly destroying everthing.

06-21-04, 01:20 AM
Well all the old Volvos are probably reliable because there is nothing to them. I still say they are not reliable sorry, you want me prove why i will?

06-21-04, 08:25 AM
Like you, Id say the newer ones arent "as" reliable but Id say they are comparably better then your average Mercedes or BMW. I feel that their Twin Turboed engines are what really bring their reliability down. At least they are getting a V8 now.

06-21-04, 01:56 PM
Okay now were talkin here I do believe that they are better than BMW and MB. On initial quality thought BMW and MB are good but on the long term or mid term they can go on you. Probably the only reason Volvo can be unreliable is that there is a lot of extra engineering in them, like suspension for your muffler.

06-21-04, 03:32 PM
I would buy and Audi before a Jag they are not to bad(the most reliable thing VWcorp makes)This is all I have to say about that...... http://www.lemonlaw.com/lemonlist.html

So there's 2 Audi's on there but not one Jag.......I think your going to need to change that statement around

06-21-04, 03:46 PM
:coolgleam I mostly buy Ford products, never had much trouble really. I like my Rangers. I had a '91 Lincoln Continental (FWD) that I got off my dad with 99k on it, I drove it until 152k. Probably the only one in existence that did not have problems with the air suspension. Sure did go through brakes quick though. I think for now that Cadillac builds a better luxury car.

06-21-04, 04:53 PM
The only Ford product I might consider would be a Grand Marquis. The rest either seem like rental cars or there is a better GM equivilant.

06-21-04, 04:55 PM
Nice to see no Cadillacs on there, and i cant believe the Impreza wow! Hey JohnnyO thats cool you like your fords i know someone who has a Ranger and we borrow it now and then its got 120 something and the only prob is the AC is shot. Like i said though Ford trucks are fairly good.

06-21-04, 11:02 PM
:coolgleam All depends, I think there are good and bad cars in any brand. I know people on other boards that have problems with Hondas and Toyotas. :hmm: Guy on my Ranger site has an 87 with over 300k and no major repairs. The 87 Eldorado my mom used to have was a flaming POS that should have been run off a cliff. In 1983-84 I was an Olds and Cadillac salesman, still dealing with diesels, V8-6-4's, and leaky HT4100's. R.I.P. Olds, IMO the best-looking cars GM was currently building. My sister and bro-in-law are giving back to my dad his old 91 Town Car (long story), now with 172k and running great. Tends to wear out front suspension parts and horns but that could be from my bro-in-law's driving. All I can say is the two Lincolns we've had in my family were both good cars and ran well for a long time. I did have to put a new transmission in my Continental at around 130k but I would call that normal for most any car. I think any automatic is on borrowed time after 100k.