: Air Bag Question?

06-17-04, 03:16 AM
I noticed that most Cadillacs it they still dont today use/d Substantial Inflatable Restraint(S.I.R.) air bags while most other cars use the Substantial Restraint Sytem(S.R.S) what is the difference and is any one better?:bighead:

Dead Sled
06-17-04, 12:07 PM
Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS)
Supplemental Inflatable Restraints (SIR)

two different names for the same thing an airbag

the only difference between airbags is single stage or two stage. singlestgage airbags inflate all at once in a violent expansion usualy causing injuries at slow speed colisions. Dual stage is usualy speed sensitive so the airbag inflates slower at slow speeds.