: Custom Made Euro/German License Plates GB

Cadillac Euro Parts
10-01-08, 10:12 AM

Hello Cadillac owners and fans!

Today I want to offer you a GB for authentic custom made euro license plates. Every plate is produced in germany with YOUR slogan or text.

Here are two examples



You can choose your individual text (up to 9 characters)
Authentic euro plates "Made in Germany"
Best offer for custom made euro plates

The plates measure 20.5x4.3 inches and are made from aluminium with a reflecting white surface. They come with the genuine "D" badge for germany and the european flag.

What is possible?

Every plate will be manufactured at customer's option. For your individual plate you can choose 1-9 characters from the following chart.


The standard font color is black. For a extra charge of 3$ you can also get red, green, blue, white, yellow and silver font.



1 Euro plate - 19$ (+12$ shipping) = 31$ shipped
2 Euro plates - 35$ (+12$ shipping) = 47$ shipped
3 Euro plates - 49$ (+17$ shipping) = 66$ shipped
4 Euro plates - 62$ (+17$ shipping) = 79$ shipped

For higher quantities please ask!


All plates are shipped with DHL/German Post via air mail from germany and shipping takes between 3-7 days for shipping to the United States and Canada.

Shipping for 1-2 plates is 12$, shipping for 3-4 plates is 17$.


Payment is only possible via PayPal.

Group buy terms

This GB ends October 16, 2008. After the end of the GB all plates will be manufactured and shipped within the next days.
To run this GB we need minium 15 plates ordered.
If there is enough interest I can start another GB but this one ends at October 16, 2008.

How to place an order

Please copy the following text, fill in the necessary information and send it to me via PM. I'll send you an invoice to your PayPal account.

Username: _________________
PayPal account address: _______________________

How much plates do you want to order? _____________

What text do you want to have on your plate(s)? (1-9 characters)

Plate 1 _____________________
Plate 2 (if ordered) __________________
Plate 3 (if ordered) __________________
Plate 4 (if ordered) __________________

Do you want a different font color? Black is free - red, green, blue, white, yellow and silver are additional 3$/plate _______________________