: Radio Head Unit Will Not Hold Settings - 2005 STS

09-30-08, 06:33 PM
If anyone can help it will be appreciated.

Cadillac STS 2005 Issue:

I had an aftermarket stereo and alarm installed. When I received the car back I could not access the personalization settings in the factory radio head unit. When I turn the car on the head unit will set the seat, stearing wheel, greeting, exit, mirrors, etc. back to the last settings I stored.

The radio head unit turns on and I can access the AM FM settings and speaker settings, but the Personalization settings menu is no longer available.

The car supposively has been taken to GM and the issue being told to me is that the nob will not turn to the settings. I have also been told that a diagnostics has been ran, nothing is wrong with the car and that the GM tried to reprogram the head unit. They will provide paperwork.

I am being told by the stereo shop that they will replace the unit.

Questions: What should I do? Should I have them rewire it back to factory and have a diagnostics ran myself? Does this sound like a lie and they burnt something out? What would cause this issue?