View Full Version : Good cheap Bluetooth phone that works with STS

09-30-08, 01:06 AM
My wife and I both work from home, and therefore use our cell phones infrequently. As such, a regular cell phone service plan is very much overkill for us, and so we instead use the very cost effective Virgin Mobile USA. Your minimum expenditure is $15 or $20 every four months, and minutes cost 18 cents a minute (expensive, true, but if you're not using your phone a lot, a good deal). Between our two phones, we typically spend less than $20 a month.

Anyway, I say all that to recommend one Virgin Mobile phone in particular that has Bluetooth and that has thus far worked flawlessly with our 08 STS -- the LG Flare, which is a rebranded LG LX160 that Sprint offers. I used to have the Super Slice, and my wife still has the Arc -- both of which are made by UTStarcomm -- and neither of them work with the STS: you can't even pair them to the car without problems. (Oddly enough, both worked well with our old Acura.)

Anyway, I figured I'd share this information. If you're not a big cell phone user, but still want a cell phone, and one that works with your STS Bluetooth, the Flare is a good bet, but stay away from the Super Slice and the Arc. (Also, Virgin is a pretty good carrier; you have to get past the fact that they are primarily marketed towards teenagers, but they use Sprint's network, so if Sprint phones work well in your area, Virgin's will, too.)