: Just got a 70 vert. Couple of ?

'70 Deville vert
09-29-08, 11:16 PM
First post, please excuse forum no-no's by newb if any.
I have owned a few Cadillacs in the past (73 Eldo cnvt and 76 cdv) and just picked up a reasonably low miles (92k) 1970 Deville convertible with a great running 472, excellent interior, nice chrome, good top but body needing a great deal of elbow grease. Probably only going to give it a lick and a promise since a frame off will likely cost more than pleasure value received. Bondo and a paint job getting a great looking driver

I'm looking for a tire fitment guide for this vehicle, couldn't find one here (not sure I used the right search word but any insight as to what size wheel/tire would fit on this car would be great.

I know this probably belongs in the classifieds but since it can be considered a generic uestion about parts I'll step out on a limb, I am looking for some body parts, trunk lid, turn signal plastic etc, anyone know of a good source?

10-01-08, 05:01 PM
Try www.hemmingsmotornews.com for parts. wheel bolt circle is 5 on 5.

'70 Deville vert
10-01-08, 11:36 PM
Thanks, I'll check that out