: Urby's Christmas Gift?!?!?!

09-29-08, 04:33 PM
Well, if she does not change her address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I am buying Urby a copy of the magazine:


09-29-08, 04:48 PM
Id be happy to just catch a glimpse of some cleavage or thigh!! :highfive::bouncy:

c5 rv
09-29-08, 07:23 PM
The VP's address is Number One Observatory Circle.

09-30-08, 01:36 AM
The VP's address is Number One Observatory Circle.

Beat me to it!

Right off Massachusetts Ave... It's actually a really beautiful house.

09-30-08, 08:01 AM
Yeah, and that friggin' idiot Gore kicked the Chief of Naval Operations out of the house so the VP could have it. The house was built for and occupied originally by the Superintendent of The Naval Observatory, and for many years had been the traditional home of the incumbent CNO. The VP used to live in Decatur House, right across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House West Wing and the old Executive Office Building, but that wasn't exclusive or elegant enough for Slick Willie's henchman. Before Gore you could tour the Naval Observatory. Now the whole place is a Secret Service stronghold. Politics as usual. Screw the workers and nice guys and restrict the public from a historical museum.

c5 rv
09-30-08, 08:09 AM
As much as I dislike Gore, from what I've read, Republican Nelson Rockefeller was the first VP to use the house and Walter Mondale was the first to live there full time.