: Looking to buy, couple q's.

09-28-08, 03:27 PM
Going to look at a ''05 STS with the 1SF Luxury Performance Package tomorrow.

55,000 miles, looks real clean in the ad.
Silver, Black interior, sunroof.

What would be a good price to get this for?

Also, are there any sure-fire simple ways to determine if it has the adaptive cruise control?

Anything in particular that I should be looking for when I go? Common issues to check on?

09-28-08, 04:09 PM
Based on KBB, $20,000. Of course, depends on condition / warranty / tire life. The STS is an amazing vehicle for that price. Nothing else will come close... just that simple.

As far as ACC, the Cadillac emblem in the center of the stock front grill has a shiny black area around it if it has ACC.

Good luck!

09-28-08, 04:21 PM
It's at a dealer, no warranty, but one is available.

No ACC, thanks for the info on how to check.

Guess it will all come down to what they are willing to give me on trade.

09-28-08, 11:37 PM
ACC is always packaged with the HUD as well... So that would be obvious.

10-07-08, 09:58 PM
Well, I bought it.
Was in excellent condition.

Feel like I got a pretty good deal, 18500 and the new 09 nav disk.

I did end up finding an issue after getting it home, the power steering is leaking, but they are going to take care of it for me tomorrow.
Really enjoyed my first week of ownership! By far the nicest vehicle I have ever owned.
Hope that it continues to be just as rewarding going forward.
My plan is to trade it in 3 years for an 08 body as long as this one treats me well. (and as long as long as I can find a deal)

I really want to get the lockpick as it makes listening to a concert DVD almost impossible because of not being able to start the disk without the display.
Also wanting to find a nice set of 20s and a wire mesh grill.

If anyone knows of any good deals, hit me up.

10-08-08, 08:23 AM
Welcome and congratulations on your neww purchase. i too am a relatively new STS owner and when I turn my Caddy on....well you know the rest but just make sure you get an extended warranty to protect yourself. They are expensive but one good repair could negate a lot of warraty cost. Again welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay around these parts.


10-08-08, 10:55 AM
Underneath the spare tire cover is a list of all standard and optional equipment on your vehicle.

10-08-08, 04:24 PM
Underneath the spare tire cover is a list of all standard and optional equipment on your vehicle.

Thanks for the info!

10-09-08, 02:47 AM

Thank you for buying a STS!!!!!!
Welcome to the club!!

New or used a STS is a hell of a car to purchase! I am a paint engineer for the Lansing Grand River plant where the STS is built and I own one myself and you will LOVE what it has to offer. I tricked my 06 STS out to look like a 08 STS-V and you can't tell the difference unless your a REAL DIE HARD V SERIES dude! I went with the E&G Classic grille and purchased the Hood as well and all the emblems plus the side fender vents and cut my fenders to install them myself. It was quite an easy task and I only have about 1800 dollars into the full converson and it LOOKS AWESOME! I have already stacked about 20K miles on my STS with NO PROBLEMS and you will most certianly do the same. I check this site as much as possible to help answer any questions I can so feel free to ask! I would like to once again THANK YOU for supporting a truely AMERICAN made car and welcome you to the best club of them all, you had a choice and you chose to buy a Cadillac, in my mind your a REAL American!
ALL of us extend our Thanks from GM, seriously, we love our customers!!

c5 rv
10-09-08, 11:44 AM
Thank you, Jeffery, for helping make these great cars. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your car around Lansing. What color?

I have been pleased with both my current 06 SRX and my former 04 CTS. My next car in 2010 may be an 08 CPO STS (or another SRX, DTS, Lucerne, or Lincoln MKS).

10-09-08, 11:58 PM
Jeffrey/STSCaddyMan65 -- Convey my and my wife's gratitude to all your guys (and gals) in Lansing. We own two cars built at your plant -- an 05 SRX and an 08 STS -- and love them both. 05 SRX has been flawless; 08 STS just with 1,000 miles on the odo.

10-14-08, 05:37 AM
Jeffrey/STSCaddyMan65 -- Convey my and my wife's gratitude to all your guys (and gals) in Lansing. We own two cars built at your plant -- an 05 SRX and an 08 STS -- and love them both. 05 SRX has been flawless; 08 STS just with 1,000 miles on the odo.

Dear Miked,

We'll do for sure!!!!
If it were not for customers like you and many others, we would be, well....sunk! Today's GM is VERY different than even 5-7 years ago. We BELIEVE than Quality Creates Customer Enthueiasm to the core of our teams. We NEED all of you, this country needs all of you! That's the reason we get a pay check every week! It's real hard to do every thing perfect all the time but that IS OUR GOAL in Lansing, Michigan! Build the best the first time and treat Our Product like we own it! Our only hope is that the dealerships treat you like they should, sometimes that is where we get a black eye!!!! I have NEVER loved a car like my Silver 06 STS "Wanna V"!!!!! It just makes me feel special every time I get behind the wheel!!!!!
Thanks again all of you on this site, "MY Livelyhood depends on you!!!"

PS.... Wait till you see the new CTS Wagon and the New CTS Coupe!!!!!!!!! They are unbelievable!!!!!!!

10-17-08, 12:07 AM
Yeah, I'm looking forward to see the CTS Wagon in person! I do like the looks of it so far. I'm a little bummed, though, that they're getting rid of the current SRX in exchange for a FWD-based, Mexico-made SRX . . . . :(

10-17-08, 06:40 AM
STS CADDY MAN65..Overall i love my '05 sts but the paint you guys use really stinks. it pits and stains so badly. just looking at it the wrong way causes watermarks, streaking, scrathching, etc. i keep mine in the garage and wipe it down at least 3 times a week but i am very dissapointed with it. i also paid extra for the dark red pearl.

10-18-08, 06:20 AM

Sorry to hear your displeasure in the paint. We have made several changes in the Paint since 05 and BASF has been working hard to please us on several issues, including scratch resistance, and they did. We are still pushing the envelope to be better yet still, and this years appearance study put us ahead of even Lexus! Appearance wise today we are real tough to beat, but yes, I agree, the 2K Clearcoat formulation needs better scratch resistance. We are now able to put alot more ClearCoat on today than we could in 05, due to some of our changes which helps us out in many ways. Including Scratch resistance. That's the trouble with improvements, there's always someone left holding the older version bag!!!:rant2: