View Full Version : LOW COOLANT warning

Harry Yarnell
09-28-08, 01:57 PM
I've got two '96 Seville's displaying LOW COOLANT message. The low coolant sensor in the surge tank is a magnetic reed switch. The switch checks out with a magnet; what triggers it in the surge tank? And how do you repair that? Shorting the connector for the reed switch makes the message go away.

09-28-08, 02:11 PM
Has to be a ferrous/magnetic float in there somewhere......ridiculous. With today's electronics a simple two-pin sensor (resistance) tip would work. Time delay for slosh, wet = light off. Dry = light on.

09-28-08, 04:36 PM
I think that the only repair is to replace the tank.

Harry Yarnell
10-01-08, 06:22 PM
Well I decided to find out what triggers the LOW COOLANT switch. Boy, was that a mistake!!! I took a surge tank off the shelf and cut it open with a Sawzall. First of all, whatever it's made of DEFIES cutting with a very course blade. This tank is a labyrinth of little rectangle chambers; there must be 20 chambers!. I finally got to the chamber with the 'device' that closes the reed switch, and it looks like an ice cream cone; I never really removed it from its enshrined cell. I assume it's a floating magnet. By this time I felt like I had wasted enough time (and a good tank) that I threw all the pieces in the trash and cracked open a beer...

10-01-08, 06:42 PM
My guess would be that the multitude of chambers are to prevent the coolant from sloshing around and flickering the warning light.