: almost perfection...

09-28-08, 04:42 AM
i ordered my 06 sts v6 with the 1sb package; i like and need all the headroom i can get, and couldn't strip the sunroof from the 1sc package. it's a diamond white with the light grey interior. i do mostly around town driving, doing errands and running the kids here and there. occassionally i'm up on 95, but try and avoid that death trap as much as possible.

other than a few minor quality issues with the trim pieces, the car has been a blast to drive and own. i am constantly amazed that i'm driving a caddy: the car has such balance in the turns, the steering is perfection; not too light and not too heavy.

do i have things i would change? definitely: the first would be a locking fuel door (amazing that it doesn't have one). the traction control is too intrusive; nailing the throttle while going over a bump in the raod will cause the tc to engage and cut down the power for a few critical seconds. the road noise at hiway speeds is excessive, to my ears; maybe the six speed models lower the noise level.

the roads where i live are in a constant state of repair or disrepair it seems...this is probably why my biggest complaint would be with the suspension: when the roads are fine the car is a dream to drive but even though the structure of the car is rock solid when the roads are crummy the tight suspension settings don't fare as well as the older fwd caddys' with the more compliant and softer suspensions settings. of course, the fwd caddys never handled like the sts.

all in all, a very competent car with some very sweet moves for such a large vehicle. it will be very interesting to see what the design team comes up with when gm finally integrates the fwd dts and the current sts platform.

06 sts6

c5 rv
09-28-08, 08:27 AM
Good to hear from a pleased owner. If you want to quiet the road noise, a new set of tires may be the ticket. I just replaced the stock Goodyear RS-As on my SRX with Michelin Latitude Tour HPs and, from the few miles drive, they are much quieter.

The 08 STS is on my short list for next cars in early 2010. (CPO STS, DTS, SRX, Buick Lucerne CXS, or Lincoln MKS)

As for the next generation car, who knows where GM is going. There is plenty of speculation here:


09-28-08, 05:59 PM
actually, i don't think the noise i'm talking about is from the tires...it's just the nature of the beast, imo. i think it's more a case of the car was designed and engineered to be more "in touch" with the road conditions. they want you to hear the road and all that's going on with the car. i have no beef with the tires.

the noise is more in line with what i mentioned re the difference between the fwd caddys and the sts...it's more of a sport sedan than a cruiser...just my 02 cents...

as far as the melding of the dts and the sts goes, imo if they simply stretched the wheelbase on the sts and squared off the c pillar which would give you a larger trunk opening, throw in a bench seat option for the front...you could do double duty with the current platform.

06 sts6