: Very Odd Stereo Behavior

09-27-08, 07:02 PM
I recently hooked up my amp and sub in my 2001 Deville using an loc from the rear deck sub wires. After some trouble I scraped the paint off a spot in the trunk and grounded there and when I plugged in the ground to the amp it worked fine.

After turning the car off for 5 minutes or so I came back out and turned it on and no sound, but the amp was on. I took the ground wire out of the amp and plugged it right back in and it started to play again. At this point I figured I just had a bad connection going in the amp.

At this point I went somewhere for about half an hour and it stayed on the entire time with no problem. Came home and turned the car off. Came back a little while later and turned on the car and the same thing. No sound, but amp was on. Did the exact same thing - took the ground out of the amp and plugged it back in and it started to play.

At this point I got suspicious so I proceeded to turn the car off, leave it a few minutes, turn it back on and every time without fail I would have to reseat the ground wire in the amp. If I only leave the car off for a short time (maybe up to a minute) it will work fine when turning back on but anything longer than that and I have to redo the ground at the amp...I am perplexed. Any ideas for me?:banghead:

09-28-08, 07:07 PM
did you try running a switch to your amp for the remote wire....
i think you have your remote on a constant and its keeping your amp on at all times
the car realizes theres a drain and kills the circuit
when you d/c the amp it resets it

09-28-08, 08:45 PM
I have the remote wire hooked up to the ignition fuse in the fusebox under the back seat. I see that the antenna is usually suggested, but when I use that one the amp does stay on all the time. The fusebox for that says pwr ant/rr lum - I have no idea what rr lum is but when I take the keys out the green light on the amp is still on. It goes off when the remote is hooked up to ignition.

09-28-08, 08:50 PM
Just another thing to add. I have tried to remove the remote wire from the amp and plug it back in instead of the ground, but that does not work. Would that be the same as using a switch for testing purposes?

09-28-08, 10:11 PM
certainly odd..
id say its something with your cars amp...
can you take it to a best buy go to the bay and slip the guy like 15 bucks to test your amp

10-01-08, 08:22 AM
yeah you can run the remote wire to the fuse box but make sure its a cuircit that requires the car to be on . i would just wire it to the antenna and call it a day or put a switch on the remote wire.