: Do you prefer your Cad stock or modified?

09-27-08, 03:03 PM
Do you prefer to keep your Cadillac as it was when it left the factory or do you like to individualize it so it is uniquely yours? What are your reasons for doing which ever you chose.

09-27-08, 04:49 PM
Modified for power, handling, Traction, iPod, Bluetooth, looks...

I'm just a mod-a-holic :D

09-27-08, 04:56 PM
Late 2002 Seville TS:

Externally there's nothing to be done. The appearance and design are as good as it gets, so other than the exhaust tips I prefer stock. Maybe, just maybe, a set of chrome 18" late Cadillac 10-spokes. Most, if not all, aftermarket wheels are flat ugly. Lowering or some such is a bit urban for my tastes.

The cabin is just fine also. I would like a tad more height in the front seat side bolsters because of the amount of high speed country road driving I do. The radio doesn't matter as it hasn't been on, except for NOAA weather stations, more than 20 minutes total since 11/05. Window tint is flat dangerous.

Mechanically, without sacrificing driveability and reliability, the Northstar is as about as tricked-out as possible for an economical daily driver. I have fooled with aftermarket MAF and TB swaps singly and in combination and actually lost power, low rpm response, and gas mileage. The CORSA cat-back is a most definite plus. I run WIX air and oil filters and have done a bit of work on opening up the stock airbox, retaining the existing inlet tube and also opening up the side to the inner fenderwell, and removed the kidney-shaped resonator in the air intake flex line. (Better transmission dipstick access and just sorta opens things up in there...) The F55 suspension leaves nothing to be desired.

It's a 2002 Cadillac Seville TS, not an AC Cobra or Corvette, and you can go only so far with modifying a 4,000 lb. FWD 4-door sedan. Unlike CTSV Rob, for me there aren't any aftermarket bolt-on toys lying around so I'm less tempted to go back to my old chopped-channelled-frenched-leaded Ford flathead days.........

One other note.........Regardless of when or where I go in that car, people are quick to remark on how good it looks. A small ego trip never hurts.......

09-27-08, 06:18 PM
I originally was going to buy a '96 Chevy Impala SS and modify it... but then I came across the Fleetwood. Same drivetrain but more options & luxury. I opted for my loaded '96 Fleetwood in 2005 and the project hasn't stopped since.


... then I bought the '95 as a daily driver and modded that one a bit.

... now I am looking for a Escalade to apply my mod bug to :thumbsup:

09-29-08, 03:33 PM
I prefer most Caddies to be stock. I know this is mostly opinion, but I like mods to be tasteful. I like them to catch your eye but not be an eyesore on the car. I also do not like it when the rare cars are completely ruined by modifications. I hate seeing a late 70's Seville with a redone interior that looks nothing like stock, that type of thing. I have done some work to my Fleetwood, but nothing that I can't remove within a day's time to make it completely stock again. Before I do any work I make sure that I can replace the part I am hacking into/altering. I just finished all the mods I was going to do and will be putting a thread in the FWD forums about them soon.

However, I also enjoy the thought of a sleeper, and the LT1 Fleetwoods are just that. If I ever get my hands on one you best believe it will outrun your stock Camaro. 96Fleetwood, your car has always caught my eye and is one of the best looking Fleetwoods I have ever seen. Even your new daily driver looks great with only a few modifications.

09-29-08, 08:20 PM
^^ Agreed on the exterior and interior mods.

On the outside:
1- I have added a spoiler but it is the GM spoiler. Blends nice with the body and even though it never came on a V it did come on a sports model CTS.
2- Have added a Tint on the car but it's 35% which is legal in CA. The reason I did this was for the UV protection for the interior and to try and keep it cooler in the summer months. I'm not sure why one would consider it completely unsafe but I guess some do.
3- I have changed the wheels. This was not done for the bling factor but to get some wider tires on the back. I am currently running 285's and this will help when I get the SuperCharger installed.
4- Other changes would be to go to clear on the Fogs and tinted Side markers. Purely cosmetic and I will probably get flamed for this modification but the car looks much better with that subtle change.

Interior mods:
1- Changed the HVAC display to Blue LED's. The orange looked horrible and GM should have done away with it years ago.
2- New shifter and bushings - If you own one of these cars you would understand why this was a must.
3- Blue Tooth and iPod interfaces - Should have come out of the factory with these.
4- Lasstss (sp?) door lock knobs
5- CTS armrest - Better fit and more storage

Now to the meat, drive train mods:
1- Lightened flywheel - The car is too heavy to start with and to add a 51 pound flywheel seems ridiculous to me. It affected the acceleration and also added weight to the car. Making this change made the car drive much better and is a must mod in my opinion.
2- Headers - Sound, moved the cats under the car to reduce engine compartment temps, and additional power, Another must mod
3- Cat Back - Pure sound and I really like this setup. I went with the resonator to maintain some civility.
4- PCV catch can - to eliminate the oil build up in the intake
5- Corvette FRC's - They allow more cooling of the intake which = more power.
6- StealthV Tune - Car ran better and was actually easier to drive.

1- Hotchkis sway bars - Only mod on the suspension, Came stock with the FG2's (Hi performance shock)

1- Hawk Brake pads - reduce brake dust
2- SST Brake lines - Makes pedal firmer and better for the occasional track days

I'm sure I missed something but this should be the bulk of it.

I posted rather hastily and it probably seemed that I mod to car just to mod it but the mods are usually thought out. As a matter of fact I usually plan my mods to keep from drilling any holes in the stock body (except for the spoiler) or interior pieces so that it can be returned to stock at any point. I like this car in that it is a sleeper and I would like to keep it that way (Not many know what a V is!).

Would I have purchased a different car? The answer to that is no, for my circumstance it make sense to buy this car instead of the Vette I was looking at but that doesn't mean I cannot change this one to get a little closer to that vette feel and ride. and no I'm not in denial, I know this car IS NOT a 4 door vette!

I am a firm believer that no car is perfect for one person as they are designed to conform with the masses. If you are the one person that likes the car with no modification I consider you a very lucky person.

09-29-08, 11:05 PM
As promised, here is the link to the thread with my mods in it. None of them are very intense, just little things, but thats the way I like them. As I said before, that car can be back to bone stock in just a few hours time.


09-30-08, 01:16 PM
Stock, FTW! How could she get any more gorgeous???


09-30-08, 01:33 PM
Stock, FTW! How could she get any more gorgeous???


Couldn't have said it better!

09-30-08, 07:03 PM
See, now this is the reason I bought a Cadillac. The typical Cadillac owner would not modify their car so the police would have the same thoughts as well. This is what I call a "sleeper" and the fact that it's a Caddy makes it the perfect Sleeper.

BTW, Beautiful car RT. The only thing I would do to it is add the factory spoiler :hide:

09-30-08, 11:40 PM
I like to keep the appearence stock, but when it comes to the engine, trans, suspension, etc I say go for broke.

My 91 Brougham came with a TBI 350 chevy. I'd really like to throw in a built 383 running a mild cam with a big shot of nitrous. It would sound pretty stock and quiet, keep the factory a/c, but would run an 11 second et. I love sleepers.

10-01-08, 02:31 AM
I prefer mine modified. Now for the long story why:
I went to college at the Air Force Academy where we weren't allowed to have cars until our junior year. Freshman and sophomores basically had to beg the upper classmen to borrow their cars if you we going out on a date. A friend agreed to let me borrow his vette one weekend cause I promised to fil his tank and wash it when I returned. So he gave me the keys and told me which lot it was parked in and off I went. Except one problem, Academy parking lots are huge and this lot had over 50 vettes (Zoomies buy more vettes, porsches, RX-7, etc in my day than the dealerships could stock in a year/Hell GM had a program for the Academies where we could pick up our cars right off the assembly lines at a discount) Long story short after an hour and a half, I finally found his car, but the Security police had been alerted, stopped me before I could get off the lot and we couldn't find my friend to verify I wasn't stealing it (he was getting drunk over at the recreation center), I missed my date, was too depressed to leave, and still had to wash the car in the morning. From that day on, every car I own has been modified one way or another to make it stand out even in a parking lot full of them. OBTW, my cadet car was a 76 Jag XJS with a modified hood (for my 3 holleys), wheels, and ground effects and there were three of us in my graduating class along with a highly modified Jensen Healey, a real XK120, two Lambos, and a Model A to go with the hundreds of vettes, Lotus, Ferarris and misc sports cars.

So yeah, before I even purchase a car, I've already started figuring out what mods I''m gonna add. Lately, they've been safety first (headlights, taillights, brakes, etc), then power, then styling. I'm finding it tough to meet the suspension and braking requirement of the V designation, everything else is doable (just takes $).

10-01-08, 10:32 AM
You tell the coolest stories Gizmo. :)

10-01-08, 12:48 PM
Mine looks basically stock exterior. 35% tint, chromed stockers and soon to replace the ugly orange parking light covers.

Power/driveability mods Im all in.

10-01-08, 01:18 PM
I am going to put a different muffler on my car come Spring. I am looking for one that is single in dual out so it at least adds a little bit of looks as well as a little bit of sound. I want it to be quiet but throaty sounding, just to give it a little bit of grumble.