: Getting things started ECM/PCM Tuning!

09-27-08, 12:25 PM
Well, finally got the tools I need to tune the Cadillac 4.9L, 307's, LT1's (94-97), L05's and L03's. So I can do PCM/ECM tuning now for most Cadillac engines (sorry, haven't got a 6.0L to look at, but if there is need, and I can get the PROM's I can start on them).

If you are looking into having a PCM tune done, give me a shout. n0dih >at> att.net.

When I did my 307 to 350 swap in my 85 Cutlass I NEEDED badly to do a ECM tune but never was able to so it did run decent, but not ideal, and when I put in the larger cam, it got worse. So I can fix all that now.

Trying to get a supporting vendor area setup.