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09-25-08, 08:59 PM
Hi guys, one more question, as you all have been very helpful. Oh, and anyone that was wondering what happened with my gas gauge from my post titled "Gas Gauge STILL does not work!" we put a new sending unit in and somehow that fixed the problem. Now, on my '78 Fleetwood, I just was wondering if I should replace the ignition coil because of this little problem. When I go to start the car when it is cold, I give it two pumps and turn it over. It cranks for about 2 seconds and then it catches, BUT it like hesitates for a second, like it catches but the idle is real low like its gonna die but then it picks up and goes on fast idle. I don't have to hit the gas or anything, it corrects itself though. It is kinda hard to describe, but my '79 I had, it used to crank up and as soon as it caught, the motor would roar to life immediately, not hesitate and then rev up to fast idle. I think I did everything else included in a so-called "full tuneup" I put new: Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, completely rebuilt carb, new EGR valve, and checked engine timing. The car has 59,20x mi and now runs beautifully. It is a minor problem, but my dads '92 buick park avenue just had the ignition coil go out, and now it starts kinda like that, even though it is fuel injected obviously and runs rough (only running on 4 cylinders) Everything else on the car looked to be reeealy old so I guess it wouldn't hurt to do the ignition coil. Is there anything else that could be causing this problem? And yes, it had this problem before I had the carb completely rebuilt, and I was hoping it was a carb problem but i guess not.


Also, on a completely unrelated and random note, how do I remove the back seat out of this 1978 Fleetwood? The part your back leans up against, not the bench part?

09-25-08, 09:18 PM
how do I remove the back seat out of this 1978 Fleetwood? The part your back leans up against, not the bench part?

Slide the front seats all the way forward. Crawl in the back on your knees on the floor facing the rear. Push back on the edge of the seat bottom with one hand and pull up with the other. The seat bottom will come up out of its catch on the floor pan. If you bend the corner of the seat up and look underneath, you will see the catch. Ok, on to the back upper. Once the bottom is out, you will see the bolts that hold it in. Same ones that hold the belts. They can be a bitch to get out. Use a big 1/2 drive. On my 71, I had to use an air impact. Once the bolts are out, lift the seat back up off the catch. Done!:thumbsup:

09-26-08, 03:05 PM
If the car runs, the coil is good. Try just slowly pushing the throttle completely to the floor and releasing it next cold start. You might be slightly flooding it with 2 pumps. If no difference, then I would think the choke break diaphram linkage needs a fine adjustment. Could be causing the choke blade to not open enough when cold.

09-26-08, 03:30 PM
Thanks, by the way, do ignition coils "slowly go bad" like the car will start running a little rough, then more, until it runs extremely bad, or will it just go from running fine to extremely bad with no warning. Like I said, after all the other stuff, it runs really smooth and powerful, so I guess the coil is OK for now.

09-26-08, 05:34 PM
Coils usually fail like light bulbs. Please put the year and type of Cad in your signature profile. Please one issue per post. The point of this forum is for someone to do a search on one particular issue with a certain year Cad. Keeps us from having repetative inquiries on the same issue. Also ideally you list your problem, we give our experience, you do what we might recommend and then you post back with results. The 3 C's COMPLAINT, CAUSE, CORRECTION!!! I think you would agree that its much easier to log on, do a search, make a printed copy and do the repair rather than wait days for an answer.