: Amp Install Help

09-25-08, 08:54 PM
Today I attempted to install an amp and a sub into my 2001 Deville. Unfortunately the amp will not turn on. I put the remote wire around one of the prongs on the antenna fuse and do not think that is the problem. Hooking up the power wire to the battery however, was a bitch due to the nature of the battery terminal. I have a suspicion this area may be the culprit.

I have installed car stereo into quite a few of my cars myself over the years and it seems that anytime I need to replace in-line fuses I always get a spark or 2 when I plug one in. There are no sparks at all even when I fiddle with it trying to make them. Would this indicate that my power connection is bad? I know there are more technical ways to test my power connection, but it is rather late to be running around looking for a voltmeter and I was hoping to get a few ideas tonight.

I'm pretty sure my amp is good as I took it out of my old STS about a year ago and it was working perfectly then. I checked all fuses and they are all fine etc. Anyone have any ideas or can confirm my assumption that I should see sparks when replacing the in-line fuse?

09-25-08, 10:25 PM
jump the remote wire to the power wire on the amp
does the amp work then?

09-26-08, 01:56 AM
I ended up jumping the remote wire from the ignition fuse and then regrounded and got the power light to come on, but no sound from the sub other than the occasional thump from bumping wires. Maybe I screwed up somehow with my loc. I didn't use the 2 ground wires from the loc as per the instructions from said loc...could this be the problem? and if so where can I ground those to since the wires are only like 6 inches long? Please tell me I don't have to ground those to the body of the car. Also, my amp ground is rather ghetto as I can't find a decent bolt in the trunk for it. Anyone have a suggestion for a good close place in an 01 Deville?

One last question...the wiring kit I got had some RF RCAs in it and the plugs were light gray and black. Does it matter which way I plug these in as long as they match up? I tried both ways to make sure that wasn't the problem, but just curious. Thanks in advance for any more help.

09-26-08, 04:36 PM
no RCAs as long as hooked up period will be fine if you crossed them then your right would be left and vise versa