: Volkswagen Northstar ????

09-25-08, 06:39 PM
Now that's a GM sleeper:histeric:

Lord Cadillac
09-25-08, 06:52 PM
Interesting.. I wonder how fast it is...

09-25-08, 11:59 PM
there are vids on you tube of this thing. im guessing it wasnt that difficult to make that wonderfull motor fit lol and i guess i can finally say that i may have found a VW i wouldnt mind driving around lol

09-27-08, 06:25 PM
O my, this will cause them earthy crunchie bio-diesel converting VW fanatics a corronary.. :)

09-27-08, 06:58 PM
Probably pretty interesting, considering that in the thread which gives the links to a couple of sites listing car magazine tests of a slew of later cars from everywhere there are a couple of stock VW's which will flat eat a FWD STS/Deville in the 1/4.............

09-28-08, 08:45 AM
that vehicle will get NO traction, with that kind of weight to power ration in a FWD application.......

09-28-08, 09:55 AM
:D Actually, the fun of a swap like that is the looks from people when you 1. Do a burnout, and 2. Open the hood. Handling and performance are out the window so never figure into the equation.

Back in the Dark Ages a buddy and I put a small-block aluminum Olds V-8 and automatic in an AustinHealey Bugeye Sprite. The rig was so long that the shift stick was behind your right elbow and the last 4 spark plugs were in the car cabin. What transmission tunnel ?? Gonzo. Exhaust manifold next to your leg. Used a cut-down Austin truck rear. The thing was a hoot. Punch the gas and it would literally twist sideways as the rear tried to outrun the front. I built a '53 MG TD with a 1935 Ford flathead V8 60, completely built internally, with Edelbrock finned heads and trip deuce mechanical progressive manifold. THAT sucker would run. ....and handle. The V8 60 and 85 were 2/3 the size of a normal B-block flathead. No lumps or bumps anywhere on the MG. It would eat a Jaguar for lunch any day of the week. Another favorite was to stuff a Chevy 283 into an full-size Austin Healey. Believe it or not, the Healey 4-cylinder weighed only 35 pounds less than a 283, and the transmission and clutch would go right up with an adapter plate.