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09-24-08, 01:25 PM
Just bought a 2005 STS from Carmax and I love it except it does have a few items that drive me batty.

1. Is there any way to make the clock numerals show bigger on the radio screen? My 73 year old eyes just can't see that small of an image from that far away.

2. Does anyone make an accessory hood that can be mounted above the radio to shield light from hitting the screen? If there is any amount of sun coming through the windshield it washes out the screen and makes the clock and radio readout information unreadable.

3. Is there a setting somewhere that will unlock ALL the doors when the car is put into park? I am just starting to investigate all of the personal settings that are built into the car but haven't found this one yet.

4. Does anyone have any idea what an intermittent air rushing sound emanating from both front seats would be. Please forgive me and I am not trying to be funny but I don't know how else to describe it other than say it sounds like a "f*rt". This occurs whether someone is occupying the front passenger seat or not. These are short in length lasting only about a second or two. Quite embarrassing at times.



09-24-08, 04:20 PM
1. Put on your glasses
2. No there is no hood for the navi screen but use the tilt feature to move it to where there is less sunlight hitting the screen.
3. Yes, check your personnal setting you can control that feature.
4. I don't know but it might be the ventalitated seats making the sound.

good luck with your new STS.


09-24-08, 07:06 PM
Thanks Jono, for the speedy reply,

1. I already have my glasses on! 8>)
2. How do you activate the "Tilt" feature. I do not have the Navigation package if that matters.
3. I will go through the owners manual and look for this fix. I can always press the switch on the door but it would be more convenient to just have it happen automatically.
4. Ventilated seats - I will research further in the owners manual.



09-24-08, 07:24 PM
photochief, sorry but I thought you had the navi package.You will have to go thru your owners manual to find out what you do and don't have as options.


09-24-08, 10:19 PM
Welcome Photochief.

Problem number 4 can probably be forced to happen by switching the ventilation system in and out of recirculation mode. If so, the problem can be solved by lubricating a certain vent door. If you are under warranty, demonstrate the sound effects for the dealer and ask for a fix. I predict better results if you demonstrate by switching recirc on/off than if you just make the sound yourself. :farting:

If you are not under warranty, I doubt there is a DIY fix.

Problem number 3 can be solved but it depends on which radio you have. I don't know the instructions for your radio.