: Adjusting "squeegee" strip, L.R.Door, 95 FWB

Old Fleetwood
09-23-08, 09:47 PM
After more heavy rains this summer - and this summer has been a record setter - I pulled into the driveway and heard a sloshing sound coming from the left rear door when I stopped.
Sure enough, the drain holes were plugged with those "helicopters" that come out of my neighbor's maple tree along with a few maple leaves as well.
I pulled the garbage from the inside of the door after removing the inner covering, of course, but I noticed the rubber squeegee thing at the bottom of the window is about 1/8 inch away from the window while all the others touch the glass on all other doors.
This is handy on rainy mornings when all you have to do is drop a window to wipe the window to get rid of the raindrops or condensation to see clearly when getting out of your driveway first thing in the morning.
However, in my case, this left rear door, with that rubber thing with that huge gap, is letting all kinds of crap fall into the door and I remember a post a while back that showed how a helluva case of metal cancer developed under those stainless panels and I want to avoid that here.
Therefore, how do you adjust that rubber thing?
The FSM seems to be of little help, at least to me.
Is the rubber lip ( or whatever ) screwed in from the back UNDER the glass?
And if it is, do I have to take out the glass to bend the strip holding the rubber piece to get it to press against the glass or is there a decent "quick and dirty" way to get the rubber to act like a proper squeegee as well as keep the crap from getting down inside the door?