: Cost of Valve Job

09-23-08, 02:23 PM
I just bought a 75 Coupe De Ville with 75K miles on it. The car is in good shape overall, and I plan to invest in it. I had a shop run a compression test, and 2 cylinders are less than 90psi. I am told that it is a valve problem, and that it would cost $1,600 to have the valves replaced. Is this a fair rate? I do not want to work on the car myself at this time due to other commitments.

09-23-08, 05:55 PM
What type of leakdown test did they do? There are different ones to test if it is bad rings or valves. If it is valves, where is the problem? Seals? Guides? Seats? Valve stems?

$1600 seems pretty steep to me. I would want fully rebuilt heads, installed for that price (and I still wouldn't pay that much). Check your local part place (try Advance Auto Parts) to see how much a pair of rebuilt heads goes for...

DopeStar 156
09-23-08, 08:26 PM
Oh look, someone in the same rut as me......