: Two more codes ?

09-23-08, 12:02 PM
I got an IPM BO 429, and IRC U 1016 history, can anyone help me out and tell me what they mean ?

Thanks so much

Mark C
09-23-08, 12:16 PM
BO429 - Temperature control #3 rear circuit range/Performance
U1016 - Loss of class 2 communication with VCM or Loss of class 2 communications with PCM.

Second one could be a momentary loss of communication between modules caused by a voltage spike high or low. As long as its a history type code don't wory about it they happen all the time.

09-23-08, 04:42 PM
B0429 is a common code. It means that the auxiliary (rear) temp control actuator is not in the commanded position. i have been told that it does not take very much to set that DTC. If you are not having any problems with the rear temperature, ignore it.