: Tranny code P0741 & P1860

06-11-03, 01:36 PM
Hello, I'm looking to buy my friends fathers 2000 Deville - ran the scanner and came up with P0741 & P1860 codes. P0741 is torque converter stuck off and P1860 is a solenoid code if I recall correctly. First off does anyone know if the car is ok to drive like this and for how long? The car shifts into overdrive fine - code P0741 states that with this code the transmission will not shift into 4th gear in hot mode - have no idea what "hot mode" means. The car has 58,000 miles - I can buy the car for $14,000 - what are your suggestions?
Thank You.


06-11-03, 02:24 PM
Snag that sucker and see if the dealer will do a "good faith" repair. Quite often, when the mileage and/or time has JUST run out, they will still help you out.