: 2009 3.6 sts

09-23-08, 08:13 AM
My lease is amost up on my loaded 2007 v8 awd STS. Before this car I had a 2005 V8 rwd (big mistake in Michigan). I am considering going to the v6. Has anyone else made the change, if so how do you like it? I like the sound and the smooth acceleration of the v8. However, I hear the DI is a good motor and much more efficient. I am also considering a CTS.

09-27-08, 08:39 PM
I'd stay with the v-8
I love my V8 awd 2008.
I tried the 6 and no power.

09-27-08, 10:19 PM
I would also stay with the V8. I've test driven the 2008 V6 DI, and a 2007 V8 with the 6 speed auto. LOVE the V8 both performance, and sound over the 6.

09-28-08, 07:03 AM
I've got an '06 with 2WD and the 3.6L is definitely adequate (for my purposes). If you have gotten use to your V-8 you may have issues but you may also be suprised with the V-6. Just got back from a trip to and from Florida (from Charleston, SC) and averaged right at about 26.5 to 27mpg actual, computer said over 28, it lies :) (at a somewhat leisurely 65 - 70 mph).

09-28-08, 09:24 AM
I've got an 08 v6 awd. I am very impressed with the power it puts out. While the torque is less and of course the hp is less (18 hp less) the v6 moves and moves quite well. There are times when I have to catch myself speeding. So to say the v6 has no power in my opinion I disagree.

09-28-08, 06:00 PM
The 2008/2009 V6 has I believe 302 horsepower, that is only 18 less than the northstar. If gas mileage is a concern, I would go with the V6.

09-30-08, 04:17 PM
Whatever you get go AWD. I drive to W.MI a lot and with the snow you guys get, AWD is a must not an option!

10-02-08, 02:59 AM
Torque with the V8 is much higher than with the V6, and I think for low-speed acceleration, this contributes to "quickness" more than HP.

I *love* the Northstar V8 . . . top selling point for me for the STS.

10-06-08, 11:27 PM
If you're planning on leasing again, look elsewhere. A month ago, a relative of mine who had a loaded 06 STS V6 tried to lease an '08, and with similar terms and options was looking at about $200 more a month. As for your question I have an '08 STS 3.6DI and I love it. I know it might not have the rumble of the V8, but I am amazed at how good it is. I am averaging about 22.1 mpg now, all on 87 octane and I don't baby the throttle either. With the V8 you are looking to get about 17-18 mpg on premium. I have a video on youtube at youtube.com/rsaghr . I would put up a link, but I'm a new member and am not allowed to post links yet. You can compare how it stacks up to your V8.
Just a quick question, how bad is the RWD in Michigan winters? I am yet to drive in one?

10-07-08, 01:27 AM
With the credit markets where they are, and with GMAC's recent decision to reduce leasing, it's going to be very difficult to lease any GM vehicle these days at any price approaching reasonableness. On our 08 STS, we got a 6.9% loan, which I considered pretty good, though frankly I was hoping for 5.9%.

10-07-08, 06:27 AM
brand new '08 sts v6 are going for 33k here.more then 10k off sticker. at that price its more then worth it.

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10-07-08, 08:40 AM
Just a quick question, how bad is the RWD in Michigan winters? I am yet to drive in one?

Metro Detroit is on the dry side of the peninsula and has few hills. There are usually a few larger snowstorms but the streets are cleared within a day or two. However, if you live in the city of Detroit or the rural suburbs where they don't plow the streets, you can have ruts and packed, icy conditions for weeks.

I had an 04 RWD CTS and bought a set of aftermarket wheels and Michelin Pilot Alpin winter tires. I had very few problems with the snowcovered, unpaved roads in our area. If you have to drive any distance on a daily basis, I would strongly recommend getting some winter tires with a RWD car.