View Full Version : Initial impressions!

09-23-08, 01:17 AM
We're in the middle of a 24-hour test drive. The dealer dropped the car off at our house today -- an 08 "Moonstone Limited Edition," with V8, MRC, and all the electronic goodies. We also currently own an 05 SRX, MRC, V8.

My thoughts:

1) The ride, as expected, is just beautiful. I was surprised that I liked setting the MRC to "touring" mode better than the sport mode. Maybe I'm getting too old at 38!! :\

2) Engine, also as expected, is beautiful. Acceleration is effortless and smooth. Cannot complain at all!

3) Navigation system seems to be a definite improvement over our SRX. The screen is larger and brighter. Functionality wise, it seems to be comparable to our SRX, although the maps are much more thorough than even if the latest update to our SRX.

4) Voice recognition is surprisingly effective, albeit limited. The SRX's VR was a joke, and I was expecting the same with the STS. But, it understands everything I say, even with the air blowing and driving down the road. I wish it understood street and city names like our old Acura does, though.

5) Absolutely love the start button, etc. I am definitely going to be getting used to, in a good way, not having to take the fob out of my pocket to open the doors.

6) Like the remote start. This will come in very handy.

7) The automatic brights on/brights off works very well, as does the blind spot detection. The lane change notification is annoying though, and was quickly turned off.

8) Bluetooth is sadly and surprisingly a joke. Had trouble pairing our phones, had trouble keeping one of them connected, and neither of them automatically connect when you get into the car. Our old Acura just automatically worked, and never had a problem. I'm not sure what Denso's problem is in this respect!! (Perhaps a hidden motivation to stay with Onstar??)

Overall, I think the car's a keeper. The GM employee discount special going on now is pretty amazing. So long as the financing numbers work out well tomorrow, we'll very likely be buying it.

(Interestingly, by the way, our SRX is also Moonstone, but GM changed the formula a little bit. Our SRX has more green in it, whereas the STS has more blue in it.)