: Head gasket repair "corpus christi, tx"

09-22-08, 08:37 PM
Well... It finally happened. After a year and a half of owning this beautiful vehicle, and not a single engine issue the "HEAD GASKET" has blown. I had noticed the past few week that my coolant was mysteriously disappearing, and was praying it was leaking externally and evaporating before it hit the ground. It was down about a gallon every other day, and the engine started running extremely rough, and "Service Emissions" warning was active. This morning white smoke was bellowing out my exhaust, and I could smell coolant burning...

Took it to the shop and they confirmed it is the head gasket... :rant2:

Does anyone know where I can get it repaired "CORRECTLY" and at a good price either here in Corpus or surrounding area? Me and my wife share this car, and this unfortunate happening is tragic for us at this time. Any help or assistance is MUCH appreciated..................................

09-22-08, 09:52 PM
I hope you know it'll run you at least $2500 from a reputable mechanic...
It might be worth just buying a new car or engine.. Consider your options.