: CTS Decision

09-21-08, 10:37 PM
I am stuck on a decision to buy either a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT, or a 2008 CTS. I am all about power and performance, but I also want quality.

The G8 is pure power and performance, but not much on the quality side. CTS is the winner in the quality department, but I am not sure about the power and performance.

Here are my questions about the power and performace of the CTS:

This CTS I am, looking at is a base model with a luxury collection.

Given that this car does not have the DI engine, am I making a mistake in not getting one with the DI engine?

I am not sure about the suspension options, but my guess is that this one has the basic. Is there much difference in the suspensions?

This CTS is going for $31K with GMS, $2K cash back and $1K discount (I know the dealer).

In terms of power and performance, is there much difference in the base with a luxury collection and and the next step up?

09-21-08, 10:41 PM
Go for the DI if you can. I drove the previous generation CTS with the non-DI motor and there is a noticeable difference.

Also, consider waiting for the 2009 CTS-V if you you have the funds. It has more power and handling than the G8 and all the luxury of the CTS.

09-21-08, 10:42 PM
best to just drive them both and see which you prefer. I have a non-DI engine and its good for me but power, like class and comfort, is a personal preference.

09-22-08, 12:52 AM
Personally, I think the CTS will have better resale.

09-22-08, 06:41 AM
I have the DI CTS, and I think it is a great car. My brother has a G8 GT, and it is really nice as well.

For the CTS (even with the DI) there is no comparison to the V8 in the G8 GT. G8 hands down.

As far quality, I've had my CTS for 8 months and have had it to the dealer twice already for five different warranty issues (front speaker loose, door lock sticking, rattle in rear of cabin, sunroof not closing properly, and DI engine noise). My brother has not had any issues with the G8 in about 6 months of ownership.

Don't get me wrong - I really enjoy the CTS, and think the engineering and design behind it are outstanding. The Cadillac dealership is heads and shoulders above the Pontiac dealership I used to take my Grand Prix to. However, just the fact that I've had my car to the dealer twice in eight months tells me something about the build quality of the car...

If power, performance, and quality are truly your top priorities, you may want to seriously consider the G8. Be sure to test drive both.

Just as a side note - when I was shopping for cars, I also was considering a G8 GT. The Cadillac salesman actually had a little laugh about this and said something like "Well, I'm sure we can come out ahead of a PONTIAC!" At the time (Jan 08), no G8s had arrived at dealers yet, so I went with the Caddy without ever driving the G8. Had I been able to test drive a G8 (and buy it without any ridiculous mark ups), my decision easily could have gone the other way.

Just my two cents. I am very happy with my CTS - but a little worried about long term reliability after so many small warranty problems in such short time.

09-22-08, 07:54 AM
I'm loving my CTS, but had the G8 been out before I bought mine, I might have made a different decision. I'm not sure why you are doubting the G8's quality; I wouldn't make the mistake of lumping this Holden-derived product in with the rest of the Pontiac division (I had a GTO prior to the CTS, and the GTO's seats, for example, put the CTS seats to shame).

09-22-08, 08:10 AM
if you consider CTS DI-304hp non-DI-263hp, should make a difference getting the DI (41hp)
if you consider G8 GT it has v8/361hp, more power but less style and quality than the CTS as you mention
i might not consider Cadillac for mi next car because I personally dislike GM messing up with the price. OR i might still consider it until the after special price releases.

09-22-08, 10:34 AM
Interesting thread...one year ago, Cadillac cheerleaders and apologists would have unanimously praised the CTS to the exclusion of all others...this forum has matured.

I agree with "bender76" and "MidLifeinMI." And based on my firsthand experience (1st 4 months of ownership, my '08 CTS spent 30 days in shop for repair or replacement of factory defects) I'd say that Cadillac's initial quality is no better, possibly worse, than other GM divisions.

09-22-08, 10:45 AM
And I've had my DI CTS4 for over a year, 10,000 + miles; NO problems at all; best built car I've ever owned.

09-22-08, 11:18 AM
I had a little of that debate in June when I bought my CTS. After sitting in both, the interior (which is what I look at 99% of the time) was so much nicer on the CTS, I had to pick it. The power was nice on the G8, but for the little bit I really get on it, the CTS was adequate. The fuel milage on the CTS was rated better on regular gas (what the comparison real world is, I don't know), and that, along with nicer interior, quiter ride, nav system, HDD radio (which I know you aren't looking at), and other luxury touches made me get the CTS as a daily driver. Besides, this is a short term stop-gap until I get my Camaro next year!!!:nanaparty:

09-22-08, 03:04 PM
I did not simply lump the G8 with the rest of the Pontiac line-up concerning quality. The dealer let me take the G8 home one night and I had a chance to really take a good look.

Yes, the quality of the G8 is far superior to the standard Pontiac vehicle. The Aussies did a fine job. However, there are alot of noises in the G8 and some pretty cheap parts in the interior, which you would not expect to see or hear on a $34K car. Mechanically, I saw no issues at all, except for the lack of a tranny dip stick (I still want the ability to check it).

My previous vehicle was a Pontiac Bonneville SSEi and I spent a lot of time under the hood on weekends. I do not want that again.

I assumed that Cadilac had the quality thing down, but from what I am hearing from this post, it sounds like that might not be the case.

Now I am really undecided........

09-22-08, 03:27 PM
I think they both offer a compelling value. It just really depends whether your priorities are speed & hot rodding, or a balance of speed, handling, and luxury. The CTS also includes a little better warranty, but IMHO you can't go wrong with either one.

09-23-08, 10:11 PM
jastek, just remember that one of the reasons people come here is to look up and discuss problems that they have with their car. It should be a safe assumption that there are far more people (like me) who've never had to take their CTS in for any service, we just do post that in most threads because it doesn't help the discussion for the few looking to solve a problem.

09-24-08, 12:04 AM
I looked closely at the G8 GT long before ever considering the CTS. I waited patiently for their arrival at the dealerships. The first one I visited had the G8 with the V6 (all they had) and standard interior marked up 4K over invoice. I had a good laugh and walked away. A month later the dealership was out of business. I waited another month and checked another dealership and test drove a GT. I was extremely impressed with its handling and performance. For a large sedan it reminded me of the first GTO's. In fact I think the G8's 1/4 mile ets are about the same as the old Goat with the Tri Power. I liked the styling and interior room was massive. What I didn't like at all was the lack of options and the interior detailing. The seats were comfortable and very well made. You either had black or black with red inserts as options for leather. When I applied the hand brake the plastic handle was real flimsy. To much plastic for my liking and the display for the radio was huge but not NAV. Mileage was another issue. I had been doing a lot of reading and it seemed most were getting far less what was estimated. Most likely due to the fact with power like that the foot gets heavier. I was only able to get them down 1K under MSRP even after telling them I'm ready to buy now if they do better. They wouldn't budge so out the door I went. I could have bought this car fully loaded for just under 31K.

Now I wasn't planning on spending more then 35K for a new car but I decided to check out the CTS. I fell in love at first site but didn't test drive one right away. I spent a month reading everything I could before I even contacted a dealer. After looking at all the options I got sucked in and ended up buying one fully loaded with the DI and FE3. Not bad I only went 10K over my budget.:eek:

I my opinion, the only thing the G8 has over the CTS is brute power. I think the CTS handling is as good and maybe even better with FE3. There is no comparison as to the luxury features and comfort. Mileage has been very good; a recent road trip I got 27 MPG averaging 70. It has also been trouble
free and a joy to drive when my wife lets me.

09-24-08, 12:12 AM
Interesting thread...one year ago, Cadillac cheerleaders and apologists would have unanimously praised the CTS to the exclusion of all others...this forum has matured.

I agree with "bender76" and "MidLifeinMI." And based on my firsthand experience (1st 4 months of ownership, my '08 CTS spent 30 days in shop for repair or replacement of factory defects) I'd say that Cadillac's initial quality is no better, possibly worse, than other GM divisions.

Your right it has matured, its now full of self haters and nit pickers.:thumbsup:

Let me put this as simple as possible, QUALITY IS NOT AN ISSUE!

09-25-08, 11:22 AM
G8 doesnt have the driving feel, its powerful but they still compromised on the handling . I havent driven the new CTS but sat in one at the dealership where I bought my V , the interior just feels like a quality product.

09-27-08, 11:19 PM
Well, after much thought and a few more test drives, I went with the CTS.

Luxury won out over power.

I did have to compromise a bit due to price constraints and bought a 2008 with just the luxury collection (no DI engine and the FE1 suspension). I wish I had the money to move up in options, but I drew a line at $36K.

Thanks for all the advice.

10-03-08, 09:26 PM
right on

10-17-08, 05:16 PM
IMHO, Cadillac should have more quality, engineering, etc than any Chevy or Pontiac. On the other hand, if you really want simplicity and extreme reliability, try any of the LeSabres between 2000 and 2005. Admittedly, no looks, but I would rather look like a fuddy duddy than have repair bills and maintenance problems.

Just me.

10-20-08, 10:18 PM
Id have waited on the G8 GXP with the LS3 and call it a wrap.


The thought has crossed my mind more than once.